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Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results. PowerPoint Presentation
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Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results.

Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results.

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Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results.

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  1. Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results. Professional Marketing and Public Relations Support Presented to: Fairfax County EDA Procurement Academy November 10, 2010

  2. Questions to Consider • Who are they and what keeps them up at night? • What’s going on around here? • So, what makes you so special? • Hey! Where’d you get that nice suit? • Sorry, who are you again? VARCom Proprietary

  3. Who are they and what keeps them up at night? Market Segmentation and Targeting • Clearly define the customers/segments you’re going after • Understand your customers/targets • Know what their key drivers are • Have a feeling for what keeps them up at night or causes them headaches • Always begin by looking at the world from their perspective • “Don’t tell me how wonderful you are; tell me how you are going to help me!” • Find unfulfilled needs • Play off Fear Uncertainty and Doubt • Find ways to make the customer a hero • Clearly articulate features and benefits VARCom Proprietary

  4. Who’s the target and what are their drivers? VARCom Proprietary

  5. What’s going on around here? Competitive Analysis • Nothing occurs in a vacuum • Understand where you fit in the competitive landscape • Who are your customers/prospects using for the goods/services you offer? • Figure out what’s working for them • Understand what is happening in the business environment • Situational awareness • SWOT analysis • PEST analysis VARCom Proprietary

  6. Sizing up the competition VARCom Proprietary

  7. So, what makes you so special? UVP and Messaging • Define your positioning vis-à-vis the competition • What is your UVP (unique value proposition) and your SCA (sustainable competitive advantage) - Value being the key word • Make sure you describe the convenience of buying from you • What is your messaging? Theme; 3 – 4 message points with supporting details • The 5 C’s of messaging • Have an “elevator speech” prepared and rehearsed VARCom Proprietary

  8. What’s the message; is it effective? VARCom Proprietary

  9. Hey! Where’d you get that nice suit? Perception and Branding • Perception is reality • Make sure the image you want to project is what is being perceived • This can be measured, shaped and modified • Branding and corporate identity • The goal is to stand out and be remembered with a positive perception • Remember A-I-D-A VARCom Proprietary

  10. What is your perception of these brands? VARCom Proprietary

  11. Sorry, who are you again? Integrated Marketing Communications • Communicate, communicate, communicate • Use an Integrated Marketing Communications approach • Plan your communications into the future • Builds an ongoing relationship • Keeps you top of mind • Use multiple touch points VARCom Proprietary

  12. Partnering Collateral Personal Selling Branding Social Media Website CRM Trade Promotions Advertising Public Relations Bringing the IMC pieces together VARCom Proprietary

  13. Components of Public Relations • Publicity • Press Releases • Email Marketing • Community Relations • Government Relations • Public Affairs • Media Relations • Analyst Relations • Press Conferences • Investor Relations • Crisis Communications • Awards/Nominations • Tours/Open Houses • Thought Leadership VARCom Proprietary

  14. The power of Public Relations VARCom Proprietary

  15. Building an IMC Plan VARCom Proprietary

  16. What Marketing Can’t Do However, marketing is not a cure all. You must also have: • High-quality products or services • Clearly defined and communicated vision, mission and goals for the organization • Adequate infrastructure (finance, legal, admin, IT, etc.) • Strong management team and workforce • Internal processes and procedures • Effective organizational structure • Hard work, passion, drive, determination... Which you all clearly already have VARCom Proprietary

  17. Shaping Perceptions. Delivering Results. Thank You For Your AttentionGood Luck With Your Business! VARCom Solutions 571-434-8466