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Super Smash bros brawl guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Super Smash bros brawl guide

Super Smash bros brawl guide

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Super Smash bros brawl guide

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  1. Super Smash bros brawl guide You’ll be a lot better after this!

  2. Basics-how to win • The goal of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or SSBB as you’ll see me refer it as) has an interesting way to win unlike a normal 2-D platformer,in fact ,the only way to win is knocking opponents off the edge . Click here to continue

  3. Basics-attacks • There are many attacks through out the game ,but the majority function the same. There are 3 types of attacks: Smash attacks ,Special attacks ,and Final smashes .To learn of each kind ,click the links below. next Smash attacks Special attacks Final Smashes

  4. Attacks-smash attacks. • In SSBB ,each character can use an attack called a smash attacks. These attacks are usually close range attacks that do lots of damage when charged ,but little when not charged. To perform a smash attack (or A attack as you’ll hear me call it) is used by pressing 2 on the normal wii mote ,and A when using the numb-chuck (thus why I call it an A attack). • These attacks can also be charged by holding down a directional button. This will make the attack much stronger and gives it more knock back . • They can also be performed in mid-air to add some damage , or avoid other under you as you fall. Back

  5. Attacks-Special attacks • Special (or B attacks as I’ll call them) attacks are unique to each character ,hence the name ,and this make them hard to tell about . The most I can tell you about with ALL characters is there are 4 B attacks per character .To use any of the 4 use the directional buttons. Also , if you JUST press B it will also create an attack. Back

  6. Attacks-final smashes • These are extremely powerful attacks ,that you can only rarely use .To use one ,you don’t fill up a gauge like in most platformers ,you hit a smash bawl and destroy it .A smash ball is a floating sphere that has the smash bros logo (which is an off set + sign) . • After you have a smash ball you can use your B button on knum-chuck + wii mote or 1 for wii mote. • These attacks will usually knock all opponents off the edge or severely damage them. Back

  7. Basics-Items • Items can be used to help in battle ,for instance , if you get a pokeball you can have a pokemon assist you in battle ,same with assist trophies but they summon other nintendo/sega characters (disculding the payable characters).They can also replace you’re A attack to either attack or throw the item. Next

  8. FIN • This is the end of this guide ,to the presentation ,click here