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Consumer Directed Care Plus PowerPoint Presentation
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Consumer Directed Care Plus

Consumer Directed Care Plus

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Consumer Directed Care Plus

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  1. Consumer Directed Care Plus Module: CDC+ Enrollment Packet

  2. INTRODUCTION • The CDC+ Enrollment Packet is the second packet in the enrollment process. • The Enrollment Packet is mailed to the consultant at the same time the consumer receives the CDC+ Program Guidelines. • Enrollment packets are reviewed by staff within three to five business days of receipt. • Consultants are notified of any corrections needed to complete the enrollment process.

  3. CDC+ Enrollment Packet The enrollment packet is created and mailed to the consultant after: • A complete application packet has been received, reviewed, and entered into the CDC+ system; • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues an Employer Identification Number (EIN); and • Background screening clearance has been received for the representative, if applicable.

  4. Documents in the CDC+ Enrollment Packet

  5. Documentation Maintaining accurate and complete documentation is one of the most important responsibilities DOEA has as a Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA). • CDC+ Program Office staff may return documents for corrections in order to meet program standards and requirements. • CDC+ Program Office staff are prohibited from making corrections to documents on behalf of the consumer or the consultant.

  6. Budget Authorization Form (BAF) Must be signed by an authorized person having budget authority.

  7. IRS Form 8821:Tax Information Authorization

  8. IRS Form 2678: Employer/Payer Appointment of Agent

  9. CDC+ Informed Consent Form

  10. CDC+ Budget Plan • Identifies how the monthly allocation will be used by the consumer to receive the services reflected in the waiver care plan; • Lists the appropriate Service/Cash/Savings Codes for each item; and • Includes an emergency back-up plan for critical services.

  11. CDC+ Service Codes • Service codes are used to identify the goods and services that may be purchased through CDC+. • All items on the CDC+ Budget Plan must be identified by one of the service codes. • A list of service codes is available at under Information Available for Download: Service/Cash/Savings Codes.

  12. Employer Taxes

  13. CDC+ Budget Plan

  14. CDC+ Budget PlanTaxable and Non-Taxable Employees

  15. CDC+ Budget PlanVendors and Cash Items

  16. CDC+ Budget PlanSavings and Summary

  17. CDC+ Budget PlanEmployee/Vendors Pool

  18. CDC+ Vendor Registration Form

  19. How to Submit theCDC+ Enrollment Packet The CDC+ Enrollment Packet can be submitted to the CDC+ Program Office in one of the following methods: • Fax to: 850-414-2310 - OR - • Mail to: Florida Department of Elder Affairs Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+) 4040 Esplanade Way, Suite 350 Tallahassee, FL 32399-7000

  20. Technical Assistance All questions regarding this training module should be directed to: • Customer Service: 1-866-232-3733 • Email:

  21. Thank you.