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Time Travel Agency (Ancient Egypt) PowerPoint Presentation
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Time Travel Agency (Ancient Egypt)

Time Travel Agency (Ancient Egypt)

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Time Travel Agency (Ancient Egypt)

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  1. Time Travel Agency(Ancient Egypt) By Adin, Harry, Cati, Ashley Room 305

  2. PYRAMIDS • scholars think it took 20,000 men and 20 years to build the great pyramid of giza • each point of the pyramid is on a cardinal point (north, south, east, and west) • 80% of the materials for the pyramid are found near the bottom, meaning not many stones are on the top • slaves didn't build them as slaves weren’t common in egypt so they hired peasants to build the pyramids        • the pyramids were used as tombs for pharaohs. some people • believe that the pyramids symbolized steps to the sun for the pharaoh or rays from the sun. • pyramids had polished limestone on the outer layer and a golden capstone. this was stolen or worn away from the sand. • The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Khufu are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion

  3. FAST FACTS • A pharaoh never let his hair be shown. He always wore a headdress called a nemes. • In order to deter flies from landing on him, Pepi II of Egypt always kept several slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey. • Ramses the Great had 8 official wives. • The Nile river had 6 cataracts. • Every spring the Nile river flooded. • The shape of ancient Egyptian pyramids is thought to have been inspired by the spreading rays of the sun. • The formal name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. • The ancient Egyptians may have been the first people to keep cattle. • If the Great Pyramid were chopped into 12-inch cubes, there would be enough cubes to circle the moon almost three times. • The last known hieroglyphic inscription was made in A.D. 394 in the temple of Isis in Philae.

  4. HIEROGLYPHICS •    Hieroglyphs  were made up of three  types of symbols. • Hieroglyphics could be read from left to right, right to left, and up and down. •  The direction depends on which way the symbol were facing. • Egyptians were a great mystery until archaeologists deciphered hieroglyphics by using the greek writing on the rosetta stone tablet. • The Ancient Egyptians used no punctuation (like full stops, commas or question marks) and they didn’t put any spaces between their words • There are over 700 hieroglyphics in the ancient Egyptian alphabet • There were no vowels in Egyptian Hieroglyphs only consonants,so ‘Egyptians are Cool’ without vowels would be ‘Gyptns r Cl’ !!!

  5. FAMILY LIFE • Boys went to regular school while girls from poor families would be educated by their mothers. They would learn how to cook, clean, take care of younger siblings, and other fundamentals of running a household. • Ancient Egyptians wore linen dyed by plants • Anyone could wear jewelry, no matter what social class • Most jewelry was made from turquoise, metals, and small beads • Both men and women wore earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and neck braces that were brightly colored • The Egyptians used makeup the most out of all ancient people • Egyptians only wore shoes on special occasions or at times where their feet could get injured • Wigs were worn to prevent lice and to protect the head