top five stores selling flexible rubber magnets n.
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Top Five Stores Selling Flexible Rubber Magnets in China PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Five Stores Selling Flexible Rubber Magnets in China

Top Five Stores Selling Flexible Rubber Magnets in China

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Top Five Stores Selling Flexible Rubber Magnets in China

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  1. Top Five Stores Selling Flexible Rubber Magnets in China

  2. Recently I had searched through the internet for something weird, something that is not usually searched by many of my age. Well, it was not my craziness either. Dad asked me to look for some good stores selling flexible rubber magnets! Does anyone, on the earth, need a computer with internet connection for buying this? Anyway I had to follow the orders and started my work sincerely.

  3. I came across a number of sites and using some sort of intelligent business analysis I found few genuine stores dealing with rubber magnets. Here is my list of top five stores in China dealing rubber magnets and I am sure this list will be of utmost help to you, if you are in the same business as my dad. (My dad uses them in this commercial advertisement printing business)

  4. Dailymag Magnetic Technology(Ningbo) Limited: It deals with all sorts of permanent magnets, magnetic motors, equipments and other assemblies. What I found nice about this store is that it has a large collection of magnetic accessories. And why did not I refer it to my dad? I did not find any rubber magnets here! • Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd: This is the first site where I found rubber magnet sheets and strips. However, it was a bit; far from where we lived and transportation charges would have been equal to the price of the magnets! However, the store is nice with adequate products.

  5. Sinoneo: This is from where dad shopped! Every product of Sinoneo has magnetic appeal. It has everything like magnetic sheets, strips, fridge magnets, printing paper (my dad shopped it at the last minute itself) and various other products. • Ta Tong Magnet Co., Ltd: It’s also a great store, but what distracted me was even after calling them twice over phone no one responded from their side. But had it been the opposite, I would have surely referred this to Dad • Everbeen Magnet: Nice store with huge collection of magnets and magnetic products! But it came to my search a bit late and by that time I had made up my mind for Sinoneo. However one thing appealed me much, you can find variety of magnets here like SmCo, AlniCo, etc.

  6. Sinoneo Magnet (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.Address: Maoshan Industrial Zone,Ningbo,China(315000) Contact Person :Mr.Allen WongTel : +86-159 0650 8736          +86-574-8266 2105Fax : +86-574-5687 7395Email: , glenwon@gmail.comWebsite:     Thank You