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Albrecht Dürer : artwork PowerPoint Presentation
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Albrecht Dürer : artwork

Albrecht Dürer : artwork

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Albrecht Dürer : artwork

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  1. Albrecht Dürer : artwork A Olson

  2. View of Nuremberg Chosen for the simple reason that it depicts the early life of a famous German city Though maybe not apparent to those that have not been to Nuremberg before, the picture is interesting because it depicts the beginning of what is now a large city. It seems more spacious and has more farm land, where as the city itself in this day and age is much more condense and not nearly as spacious.

  3. - Coat Of Arms With Lion And Rooster- Alliance Coat of Arms of the Durer and HolperFamilies- Combined Coat-of-Arms of the Tucher and RieterFamilies Coat of arms, these days, seem to have died out as a tradition, hence why these pieces were picked. These three were grouped together as their interesting qualities seem to share the same general idea: the value of a Coat of Arms in those days, in such a way that they would be regularly painted, in some cases by commission. Also, in the third picture, one coat of arms totally looks like the Starbucks logo.

  4. Heller Altar (copy) Having seen a number of these, it seemed appropriate to highlight this kind of five-part painting It’s obvious in this painting that religion holds strong meaning for the culture that Dürer painted in. as you can see, all figures are facing toward the virgin Mary Also note in the bottom corners, both pictures have similar coat of arms for each family. Perhaps another union as with the others?

  5. Apollo With The Solar Disc And Diana Trying To Shield Herself From The Rays With Her Up-lifted Hand Picked because of its origins, as many of the works appeared to be related directly to religion. Though not a direct reference to the culture which Dürer lived in, one can also infer that even after hundreds of years, the Greek Myths still held a strong position in what was then considered modern arts. These stories are still relevant and reproduced, despite their antiquity. It could also be a nod to developing art structure at the time, when compared to old arts. Correct anatomy is more enforced than it was in previous years, where the artwork was not always photo realistic.

  6. Adoration of the Trinity (or Landauer Altar) Honestly I just really lied the colors in this picture. Again, religion was very important to the culture, but we can see in the picture that he wasn’t just an important factor to peasants and clergy, but all people. Many different men and women in all sorts of garb bow to their lord and savior above them, and from their garb one can loosely interprate what their social class is. Note the king in the bottom right hand side. Additionally, and curious to note, is the division of the sexes, women on the left, and men on the right.