antoine tadros ism 158 05 04 2010 spring 2010 n.
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Antoine Tadros ISM 158 05/04/2010 Spring 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Antoine Tadros ISM 158 05/04/2010 Spring 2010

Antoine Tadros ISM 158 05/04/2010 Spring 2010

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Antoine Tadros ISM 158 05/04/2010 Spring 2010

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  1. Antoine Tadros ISM 158 05/04/2010 Spring 2010 Now offers find my iPad

  2. What is mobileme? • A cloud computing service offered by Apple to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC owners. • Offers push email, push contacts, and push calendar events. • Allows for the creation of an online photo gallery. • Store and share files online so you can access them anytime from a Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad. • iDisk also lets you share files that are too big to email.

  3. What is Cloud Computing? • Virtual servers available over the Internet. • The software programs are stored on these servers accessed via the Internet, typically within a web browser. (In our case • The browser accesses the web-based application and an instance of the application is opened within the browser window. • The web-based application operates and behaves like a standard desktop applicationexcept the application and the working documents remain on the host's cloud servers.

  4. Mobileme benefits • MobileMe pushes essential information to iPhone users over the air, including e-mail, contacts, and calendars, in order to make sure all your essential information remains in sync with iPhone, iPod Touch, Macs, and PCs. • MobileMe provides a suite of elegant, ad-free Web applications that deliver a desktop-like experience through any modern browser. • MobileMe applications include Mail, Contacts, and Calendar, as well as Gallery for viewing and sharing photos and iDisk for storing and exchanging documents online.

  5. Benefits cont. • Removes the need to manually check e-mail and wait for downloads. • Push also keeps contacts and calendars continuously up-to-date so that changes made on one device are automatically pushed up to the cloud and down to other devices. • Gallery users can upload, rearrange, rotate, and title photos from any browser. • Post photos directly from an iPhone; allow visitors to download print quality images; and contribute photos to an album. • MobileMe iDisk lets users store and manage files online with drag-and-drop. Automatically send an e-mail with a link for downloading large files. • MobileMeincludes 20GB of online storage.

  6. Find my iPad/iPhone • “If you misplace your iPad, MobileMe can help you find it. Log in to to view a map that shows the approximate location of your iPad,” the Apple Web site states. “If it’s nearby, have it play a sound to help you find it, or display a message on the Home screen to help someone return it to you. The Find My iPad feature works best if your iPad includes both Wi-Fi and 3G, but it will also find your Wi-Fi-only iPad when it’s connected to a wireless network.”

  7. How much? • $99 for an individual account which includes 20GB storage. • $149 for a family pack. That includes one master account with 20GB of storage and four Family Member accounts with 5GB of storage each.

  8. Room for Improvement? • Sync Speed: There are times when a change takes an interminable length of time to propagate through the system to my other devices. Not often, but it would just be awesome if that never happened. • Storage Upgrade: Google offers gigabytes upon gigabytes of free storage. Even Microsoft offers more generous storage with Mesh, FolderSync and other Windows Live services. By comparison, MobileMe’s20GB is inferior. • Price

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