advantages of utilizing a franking machine n.
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Advantages of Utilizing a Franking Machine PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages of Utilizing a Franking Machine

Advantages of Utilizing a Franking Machine

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Advantages of Utilizing a Franking Machine

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  1. Advantages of Utilizing a Franking Machine Many people believe that a postage meter is best for those who need to do a lot of mails on a daily basis but this is not true, this machine is equally useful even at low volumes of mail. This machine will save a few cents on every mail. The Advantages of Using a Franking Machine When it comes to organizing mail nothing works better than this machine Every year, physical mail volumes are decreasing at a fast speed and this is just because of increasing use of the internet. In fact, none prefers to send physical mails now. But, businesses are not going to be paperless in near future, so it makes sense to have your physical mail going as smoothly as possible. When we talk about managing the outbound mails, nothing can beat a franking machine. Here are five best reasons why you need this machine for your business even if you need to send a few mails regularly I. Great comfort By using a postage meter in your business, you are running a mini-post office in your premises. By this, you don’t need to stand in a queue anymore to buy the postage stamps and keep them in office cabinets for further use. A franking machine does all the work for you and you can top up at your convenience.

  2. II. Discounts By using a postage meter, you get a discount of 1 cent on every standard mail item that you send. I know, this seems nothing but every single cent altogether can make a big difference. If you are sending mails in bulk like 200 or more, you could easily save 15 cents on every mail by getting off a post bulk discount for the postage meter users. III. Great Savings Apart from discounts and convenience, a postage meter offers more savings. It means you can print the exact amount of credit as per your requirement which means you don’t need to pay more for the postage. IV. Fully secured and can be controlled by the user You can easily control the usage of this machine; by this we mean that you can easily manage your expenses of mailing. In addition to this, you can also check who used the machine and at what time. It means you can charge post back to the responsible department for franking. V. The machine is best for branding and promotion purposes Franked mail always looks professional and elegant. When a person gets franked mail, he will take your mail more seriously. Also with this machine, you can print your brand logo, image and return address on every mail item you send. These are some basic benefits that a franking machine offers you and you can use this machine for mailing any volume of mails. For More About Our Products: Click here for visit our website: