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December Book of the Month PowerPoint Presentation
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December Book of the Month

December Book of the Month

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December Book of the Month

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  1. December Book of the Month

  2. From School Library Journal: An illustrated, unabridged version of the classic short story in which a young husband and wife each, unbeknownst to the other, gives up a most treasured possession to buy the other a wonderful gift. The gifts, of course, are useless as a result, but the couple's love is presumably all the stronger. The sepia-toned watercolors have an authentic period look; the details present in the New York City street scenes and the couple's rather shabby apartment add a strong feeling of time and place to the story. Very different in style from LisbethZwerger's lovely and delicate version (S & S, 2006), this is a fine choice for libraries needing another illustrated edition of this Christmas tale.

  3. Vocabulary to Discuss

  4. Imputation- verb- to attribute or ascribe something dishonorable to a person. Synonyms: an accusation or allegation I resent the imputation that my Mom made about me breaking the lamp.

  5. Parsimony- noun- extreme care or reluctance in spending Synonyms- frugality, stinginess With this economy, some people have developed parsimonious habits.

  6. Depreciate- verb- to reduce the purchasing value of Synonyms- disparage, minimize, decry New vehicles depreciate the minute you drive them off the car lot.

  7. Prudence- noun- to act discreetly or wisely in practical matters or in preparing for the future Synonyms- calculation, foresight Our principal’s prudence helps our campus work towards our goals!