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  2. OBJECTIVES • Definitions and kinds of group work • Roles and group leadership skills • Member’s rights and responsibilities • Process to group guidance development

  3. What is ‘group work’? • According to ASGW (The Association of Specialists in Group Work, USA): Group work involves efforts to assist or to solve problems or work-related task using a group approach. Group work encompasses all activities carried out in a group through its systematic arrangement (Gladding, Group work, 1999)

  4. Four kinds of group work • Guidance Group • Counseling Group • Psychotherapy Group • Task / Training Group

  5. Group Guidance • According to ASGW (1989) guidance group is: ‘a broad professional practice that refers to the giving of help or the accomplishment of tasks in group setting’. • It involves the application of group theory and process by capable professional practitioners to assist an independent collection of people to reach their mutual goals, which may be personal, interpersonal, or tasks related in nature

  6. Kelompok Bimbingan • Menurut ASGW (1989) bimbingan kelompok ‘suatu amalan profesional yg luas melibatkan pemberian bantuan (psikologi) atau penyempernaan tugas dlm kelompok’. • Amalan ini melibatkan aplikasi teori dan proses kelompok oleh pengamal profesional utk membantu individu mencapai matlamat bersama.

  7. BK – kaedah membentuk sesuatu kemahiran diri ataupun interpersonal kpd sekumpulan individu (bimbingan akademik, pemilihan kerjaya, kemahiran komunikasi interpersonal) • Bertujuan mencegah sesuatu masalah atau perlakuan negatif • Ahli terdiri drpd mereka yg tiada masalah peribadi yg serius.

  8. Criteria of guidance group • Group members are homogeneous (age/ roles/ etc.) • Number of group members 15 – 35 • Theme-oriented; focus on specific topic at a time • To prevent problems related to personal or interpersonal in nature • To encourage awareness and personal development • Leader should be an expert in the topic • Number of sessions are limited and are determined by the group leader or group facilitator

  9. Roles of Leader (Guidance Group) • To lead • To deliver information • To facilitate • To motivate • To observe group process • To provide feedback on group progress and individual development

  10. Roles of Members (Group Guidance) • To play an active role in group activity • To practice good moral values in interpersonal relationship with other group members • To obey group norms and rules • Not to share the details of personal problems

  11. Closed Membership Number of group members is predetermined and is limited. Group membership procedure is strict. New member is not welcome once the group starts. Opened Membership Membership is not strictly determined. Members can join or withdraw from the group as they wish. Example : support group’ Concepts of Membership

  12. Procedures to Start Guidance Group • State the rational or goals of why the group is needed; prepare a proposal • Identify the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills • Identify the relevant topics and prepare a summary of lectures • Identify interesting activities that can appropriately complement the topics

  13. What is Group Counseling? • Group Counseling refers to efforts to do counseling to a small group of individuals • Often members share the same kind of problems • Goal is to intervene or help with normal problems

  14. Several Benefits of Group Counseling Intervention compared to Individual Counseling • Increase self-confident • Increase self-awareness • Receive group support in facilitating change • Learn to trust others • Develop interpersonal skills • Have the chance to give and receive help • Be sensitive toward others needs

  15. Criteria of Counseling Group • Membership 5 – 8 persons • Membership should be volunteer, but sometimes screening process is conducted • Issues could be similar but at different level • Every member has the right to share her feelings/ problems • Every member is responsible for her personal change • Members should obey the counseling ethics (confidentiality, active, respect each other) • Has group objectives/ goals

  16. Roles of Members (Group Counseling) • To play an active role in group activity • To practice good moral values in interpersonal relationship with other group members • To obey group norms and rules • Ready to share personal issue in the group

  17. Roles of Counselor (Counseling Group) • Leader • Moderator/ facilitator • Role model • Motivator • Process observer • Protector • Advisor

  18. Brave Role model Presence physically, emotionally, & cognitively Caring Believe in group process Open Accept criticism Humor Energetic Creative Self-awareness Characteristics of Group Leaders