guilt free chocolate is it possible n.
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Guilt Free Chocolate: Is it possible? PowerPoint Presentation
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Guilt Free Chocolate: Is it possible?

Guilt Free Chocolate: Is it possible?

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Guilt Free Chocolate: Is it possible?

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  1. Guilt Free Chocolate: Is it possible?

  2. What do you know? • On one part of your paper, write words you associate with chocolate. On another part, write words you associate with fair trade.

  3. What is fair trade? • Fair trade helps farmers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. Farmers are paid a higher price for high quality products.

  4. Mastery Objectives: • Explain how cocoa farmers in Ghana are taking action to increase their incomes and improve the lives of their families. • Explore how chocolate consumers (people who buy chocolate) can help cocoa farmers in Ghana increase their incomes and improve the lives of their families.

  5. Agenda • View Power Points on Fair Trade Chocolate • Answer questions to see what you learned • Class Discussion • Exit Card

  6. View and Reflect Group 1 Facts about Ghana and Cocoa PowerPoint Group 2 Kuapa's Fair Trade Cocoa Cooperative PowerPoint 

  7. Log on to the computers • View the Power Point you have been assigned. • Open and take the test. Next to each Power Point there is a link for a test. Click the link to open it. Make sure you click submit when you finish the test.

  8. Let’s find the Power Points

  9. Go to the computers now • Find your Power Point • Take test • You have 10 minutes to complete the test and come back to the tables.

  10. Guilt Free Chocolate • Why do some people feel guilty about eating chocolate?

  11. What can I do to help? • First you will research the problem. You will choose one crop that has fair trade cooperatives, such as chocolate, coffee, sugar, etc. • Then you will create an educational campaign to encourage others to use the fair trade product you chose.

  12. Project Ideas Survey Create school or community surveys to find out what people know or think about Fair Trade • School Survey • Community Survey • Supermarket Survey

  13. Education Campaign Create posters, Web pages, TV Ads, glogs, videos, pamphlets, etc. to educate people about Fair Trade. • Inequities - Create awareness about inequities in farming communities caused by low prices on the global market and "fixed scales" on the local market. • Fair Trade - Show how fair trade principles help to reduce inequities and improve social conditions. • Fair Trade Cooperatives- Show how fair trade cooperatives like Kuapa Kokoo are helping to increase farmers' income and improve farming communities. • Trade - Show how the trade system works from crop to store shelf. • Political Empowerment - Show how farmers, especially women, are gaining political power and leadership positions.

  14. Global Coalitions • Learn from and connect with students in Ghana and other countries with fair trade cooperatives.

  15. What is the most important thing you learned today? EXIT CARD What can you do to address the problems farmers face?