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Zwiesel Kristallglas AG Corporate Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Zwiesel Kristallglas AG Corporate Presentation

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG Corporate Presentation

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Zwiesel Kristallglas AG Corporate Presentation

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  1. Zwiesel Kristallglas AG Corporate Presentation

  2. Agenda 1. Where WE come from 2. Who WE are 3. What WE value 4. What WE are capable of

  3. Where WE come from THE BAVARIAN FOREST. • People in the region have been dedicated with great passion to glass production for over 600 years. • Craftsmanship and knowledge is of inestimable value to our company. • By trading under the name “Zwiesel Kristallglas AG” and the “ZWIESEL 1872” brand introduced in 2005 we would like to express our close association with these singularities.

  4. Where WE come from CORPORATE HISTORY. Certified environmental performanceeco profileISO 14040:2009 Takeover of the majority shareholdership by the Jena-based glass works Schott & Gen. Takeover through Management Buy Out by Table Top Alliances (Drs Hartel and Buske) Introduction of Tritan® Protect Company renaming from Schott Zwiesel AG toZwiesel Kristallglas AG 1872 1945 2002 2007 2012 2014 2005 2013 2010 1927 2001 Founding of the “Annathal” sheet glass works by Anton Müller The glassblowers migrate: 41 specialists are transported from Jena to Zwiesel New “pulled stem” technology The production of TRITAN® crystal glass marks a qualitative quantum leap in the manufacturing of crystal glassware Three-brand strategy: SCHOTT ZWIESEL ZWIESEL 1872JENAER GLAS Change of the entire production technology to the sustainable oxy-fuel melting furnaces technology

  5. Who WE are FAMILY ENTERPRISE. The two chairmen and owners,Dr Robert Hartel and Dr Andreas Buske, implement a “crystal-clear” restructuring programme in 2001 for reorganisation of the company. Due to the management buyout the tradition-steeped company was able to remain at the location in Zwiesel and several hundred jobs could be secured. Since this time the duo has been leading a traditional enterprise which is oriented to the conditions of the world market with innovativeness and dynamism. In particular, the two chairman attach great value to economic, ecological and social responsibility for products “Made in Germany”.

  6. Who WE are FIGURES. DATA. FACTS. • Distribution of products in over 120 countries • Distribution companies and partners worldwide • Export share: 60 % Turnover distribution by areas Turnover distribution by brands

  7. Who WE are FIGURES. DATA. FACTS. Subsidiary companies Production company: - Hungarian Table Top Kft., Halimba (HU) Distribution company: - ZWIESEL Iberica S.L., Barcelona (ES) - ZWIESEL Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore (SG) - ZWIESEL China Co. Ltd., Shanghai (CN) - ZWIESEL Japan Co. Ltd., Tokyo (JP) - Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC (US) - Representative Office, Mumbai (IN) Figures 2012/2013 Turnover ZK AG 82 million eurosTurnover Group 92 million eurosEmployees ZK AG 670 (incl. trainees) Employees Group 896 (incl. trainees) Capital expenditure 7 million euros

  8. Who WE are REFERENCES. Top-flight national and international gastronomy and hotel industry Retail sector – national and international

  9. Who WE are ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS.Inspired by Professionals. ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS has stood for the art of glassmaking for more than 140 years. Our collaborations with top gastronomes and renowned designers, as well as our sustainable material and product innovations, make the company one of the world's leading partners for specialist retailers and the hotel and gastronomy sectors. The portfolio of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS encompasses three brands which are independently positioned on the market.

  10. Who WE are ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS.Inspired by Professionals. SCHOTT ZWIESEL. The glass of the professional. The global brand SCHOTT ZWIESEL offers functional product solutions with a focus on special glass series for beverages and innovative products for serving as well as tailor-made service concepts. SCHOTT ZWIESEL convinces through contemporary design coupled with outstanding product performance and efficiency. ZWIESEL 1872. Savour the moment. The brand ZWIESEL 1872 stands for exclusive gourmet glass series and living accessories in manufacturing quality. It combines sophisticated design with outstanding manual production know-how and is a synonym for individual lifestyle, sophisticated indulgence, differentiation and connoisseurship. JENAER GLAS. Belongs to life. The brand JENAER GLAS is one of the most well-known design brands and the byword for individual cooking, serving and enjoyment with heat-resistant glass. Developed from the Bauhaus tradition, it combines practical functionality in form and material with a timelessly clear design.

  11. Who WE are SCHOTT ZWIESEL. The glass of the professional.

  12. Who WE are ZWIESEL 1872. Savour the moment. LIVING COLLECTION. For the beautiful side of life. GOURMET COLLECTION. Touching the soul of fine wines.

  13. Who WE are JENAER GLAS. Belongs to life.

  14. Who WE are 2006: THE FIRST 2006: OKIU 2013: WINE CLASSICS Zwiesel 1872 Zwiesel 1872 Zwiesel 1872 AWARDS. 14 Corporate Presentation 2014

  15. Who WE are 2012: HOT ´N COOL NEW 2014: SALAD – silicone lid JenAerGLASJenaer GLAS AWARDS. 15 Corporate Presentation 2014

  16. Who WE are 2012: TEA – Teeservice 2013: WINE CLASSICS NEU 2014: MIXIT JENAER GLAS ZWIESEL 1872 ZWIESEL 1872 AWARDS. 16 Unternehmenspräsentation 2014

  17. Who WE are • COLLABORATIONS. • VDP “German Association of Prädikat Wine Estates” • Jeunes Restaurateurs d‘Europe • German Barkeeper Union • German Wine and Sommelier School • International Wine Institute (IWI) • Hapag-Lloyd – Europa II • Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances • German Wine Institute • Chaine des Rotisseurs • Tim Raue • Christian Jürgens • Christina Fischer • Thomas Sommer Institutions Partners

  18. Who WE are • COLLABORATIONS. The international exclusive glass care partnership with ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS Long-lasting glass brilliance even after frequent use is a challenge for our customers worldwide. An innovative stemware glass basket developed by Bosch ensures a secure hold for long-stemmed glasses as well as optimal cleaning and drying results. Glasses are securely fixed and do not touch each other during the cleaning process. Thanks to the various loading options, the stemware glass basket flexibly adapts to requirements and accommodates different goblet sizes right next to each other. As a result, they remain free of scratches and retain their brilliance longer.

  19. Who WE are ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS.Inspired by Professionals. Global partnership, individual service: The collaboration with top gastronomes, sommeliers and renowned designers has made ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS into a worldwide leading partner for the hotel industry, gastronomy sector and retail. We have been setting standards for our retail partners for years with contemporary products and customised services.

  20. What WE value Tritan® crystal glass. Sustainably produced for pure enjoyment. The glass with eco certification. Certified for optimal environmental management. • Glassware with eco-balancing certificate and carbon footprint • Brilliant, break resistant and dishwasher-safe • Lead-free and barium-free • ISO 14001:2004 und ISO 14040:2009 certified • Now also as TRITAN® PROTECT with double protection against stem breaking

  21. What WE value Our active contribution for the environment.We have achieved this with innovative technology and new ideas: Regional raw materialsEvaluated and approved in accordance with REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization of Chemicals). More efficient energy useReduction of water and energy consumption through consistent use of laser technology. Reduction of CO2 und NOX emissions-30 % less CO2 emission -60 % less NOX emission Improved qualitySignificant reduction in breakage rate of Tritan® crystal glass.This has reduced levels of unnecessary replacement productions. Ecological responsibilityRecycling of all glass shards created during production process. Holistic rubbish separation concept. Use of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

  22. What WE are capable of TRITAN®PROTECT. Twice the break strength: the new TRITAN®PROTECT. With the TRITAN®PROTECTwe once more increased the durability of Tritan®crystal glass. It offers double the protection against breaking stems compared to conventional glasses. The specially tempered stem surface protects the glass against scratches and increases break strength and overall durability.

  23. What WE are capable of TECHNOLOGIES. Oxyfuel technology – a milestone in the stemmed-glass industry Compared to conventional gas and air-heated glass-melting furnaces, an oxyfuel furnace uses less energy per unit of glass during the melting process. The new technology allows for an approximately 30 percent reduction in energy consumption, which leads to a reduction in both costs and emissions of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Air separation system The oxyfuel melting tanks are operated by oxygen, which is extracted by a new air separation system installed on site.

  24. What WE are capable of TECHNOLOGIES. Laser technology in glass production LAVA – Laser melting and smelting system • With the new production process a CO2 laser is used to separate any surplus glass. Energy intensive processes are reduced to a minimum by using the CO2 laser. These optimise the production process of the drinking glasses.

  25. What WE are capable of TECHNOLOGIES. Manufacturing process for pulled stem Pulled stem The pulled stem is among the greatest challenges of mechanical glass production. This technology enables entirely new design lines in which mechanical production is so sophisticated that end products are much more similar to handmade products. ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS has risen to this challenge in order to further expand the lead as the industry’s technology leader on the world market.

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