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Positioning Solar Rooftop Business

Positioning Solar Rooftop Business. Bhavesh Modi. Sanelite Group. Pharmacy. Information Technology. Training & Development. Renewable Energy. Travel. Real Estate & Construction. Financial Services. Entertainment. Hospitality. Social Services. Sanelite Solar.

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Positioning Solar Rooftop Business

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  1. Positioning Solar Rooftop Business Bhavesh Modi

  2. Sanelite Group Pharmacy Information Technology Training & Development Renewable Energy Travel Real Estate & Construction Financial Services Entertainment Hospitality Social Services

  3. Sanelite Solar A pivotal company in the area of renewable energy providing end-to-end solar PV solutions from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar EPC installations • End-to-end solar EPC solutions • Grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems • Solar power plants • Operations and Maintenance Services Preferred manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 335Wp State-of-the art production line with high efficiency automatic laminator and auto-tabber & stringer machines PV modules engineered with highest grade raw materials to get optimum performance and high efficiency Quality-tested at every stage with a thorough QC process

  4. PV Modules

  5. Positioning Solar Rooftop Solar rooftop – a distributed energy generation approach Solar rooftop market space Solutions for small-scale rooftop projects – the solar DIY kit

  6. Centralized vsDistributed Solar Power Generation Centralized Distributed • Efficiency – electricity generated closer to those who use it • Flexibility – maintenance and replacement of components much easier • Modularity – if one part of the system breaks down, it doesn’t disrupt the entire system • Reliability – If there’s anything you can count on, it’s the sun An alternative to grid extension or as a supplement to grid-provided power • Grid issues • Electrical substations and transmission lines required to transfer power • Obsolete Layout against rising electricity demand • Grid expansion issues • Efficiency • Transmission Losses, theft • Needs a large amount of land to install • Highly dependent on the geographical location of the country • Huge capital investment

  7. Solar Rooftop Systems for Captive Use • Energy Efficient – no transmission losses • Space Efficient – install on roofs, no extra land required • No grid expansion • Renewable energy generation and storage costs continue to fall • Off-grid Solar Rooftop • Energy storage systems, like batteries • Grid Connected Solar Rooftop • Use of mini-grid and micro-grid for localized distribution • Better utilization of roof space

  8. Solar Rooftop Market Space • Solar Rooftop is the fastest-growing segment in the country’s clean energy space • In year 2017, we added 715 megawatts (MW) of systems, up from 227 MW in the previous year • Total installed capacity of ~2 GW of solar rooftop installations as of March 2018 • Out of 100 GW target of solar capacity across the country by 2022, 40GW shall be rooftop solar • Government push for achievement of targets • Most states finalized policy for use of net metering • CFA offered to various sectors for rooftop solar projects

  9. Mid-Scale Solar Rooftop Turn-key solar rooftop solutions from Sanelite Solar Most of the growth in the rooftop segment is driven by commercial and industrial users Rooftop solar power is cheaper than commercial and industrial power Falling costs of systems and reduction in energy prices making the economics work

  10. Small Scale and Residential Rooftop ProvideSmartand Speedy Solution through DIY Solar Kits Stiff competition and falling prices of solar components Government incentives (30% CFA from MNRE and more) Great opportunity for new entrepreneurs & freelancers Small scale solar systems are extremely user-friendly and convenient to install

  11. DIY Solar Kits – A Useful Toolkit • Provide plug & play solutions in residential, commercial & other stand-alone systems. • An all-in-one solution which carries all required components of a small-scale solar system • Usually ranging from 1 KW to 10 KW • Important Components: • Solar PV Modules • Solar Inverters • DCDB /ACDB with Junction Box • AC / DB Cables • Earthing Protection • Mounting Structure • User’s Manual / Installation Guide • Bi-Directional Meter (optional)

  12. DIY Kits from Sanelite Solar Crafted out from extensive experience of solar installations and strong franchisee/dealer network feedback PV Modules from Sanelite Solar - Preferred manufacturer of high-quality PV modules of capacity 40Wp to 335Wp Inverters from leading brands Best in market BoS

  13. Thank You!! Sanelite Solar Pvt Ltd 209, Shanti Mall, Sattadhar Cross Roads, Ahmedabad, INDIA Web: www.sanelitesolar.com Email: info@sanelitesolar.com Phone: 7226995508 / 09

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