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Rooftop Solar Installations

Rooftop Solar Installations is rapidly increasing in India in Corporate as well as Domestic. Know about the process of solar installations followed by solar companies.

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Rooftop Solar Installations

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  1. Rooftop Solar Installations

  2. Rooftop Solar A rooftop Solar is a photovoltaic power station with solar panels mounted ata rooftop of a building or a commercial place. Rooftop PV systems can generate a power of 5- 20 Kilowatts on a residential place and upto 100 Kilowatts if installed in a commercial building.

  3. Rooftop Solar in Commercial Zone

  4. The World Bank Support for Rooftop Solar

  5. Installation of Rooftop Solar is way difficult than the one we think. Here are few steps which are followed by Solar Companies in India for Rooftop Solar Installations.

  6. Rooftop Solar Installation Process

  7. Rooftop Solar Installation- Engineer Visit An engineer would visit the place you would like to install the solar panels. He would visit once you have signed a contract with the solar company. He would evaluate the condition of your roof to make sure its structure is fine for a rooftop solar solution. He would evaluate the property size and calculate the angle, shading roof and the size of PV’s which can be installed.

  8. Installation of Rooftop Solar- Material Ordering Once your documentation is done, the solar company would start with the work. They would first order all the equipments needed for the solar panel installations. The equipment would reach your place in a day or two.

  9. How to ensure Saftey during Installation Safety measures are to be taken for installing the solar panels.

  10. Rooftop Solar Installation- Installing the panels The Installer will start his work by connecting the wiring to the general power system. After this, the racking will be installed for placing the panels The panels are placed over and the inverters are connected to the panels. The installation would take a time of 3-4 days depending on the size and capacity of the rooftop space and panels.

  11. Rooftop Solar Installation Once your installation is done a solar developer will analyze the proper functioning of the solar rooftop.

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