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Share Our Strength’s Mobile Fundraising Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Share Our Strength’s Mobile Fundraising Strategy

Share Our Strength’s Mobile Fundraising Strategy

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Share Our Strength’s Mobile Fundraising Strategy

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Share Our Strength’s Mobile Fundraising Strategy Jason Wilson, Associate Director of Digital Communications Share Our Strength- Washington, DC

  2. What’s in this presentation Visitors coming from mobile should surpass desktop traffic by mid-2014 • Overview of our mobile experience and connections to fundraising • Why it’s so important to test everything • Why we have ditched text to give • How we plan our end of year campaign for success

  3. Mobile matters – mobile IS the Web Visitors coming from mobile should surpass desktop traffic by mid-2014 Worldwide data source – KCPB 2013 Internet Trends (

  4. No Kid Hungry’s mobile user experience Different styles based on the time of year Holiday Season Other Times of The Year

  5. Donation Page Testing Using testing, we’ve increased our conversion percentage on donation pages to nearly 25%. B (2-column version) 10.5% conversion lift A(control)conversion rate: 21.2% C (cleaner, 2-column) 22.5% conversion lift

  6. Mobile donation page experience What does this look like on mobile? What are the best practices for us? • Make it “thumb friendly” • Larger buttons • The fewer fields, the better • Limit the amount of text • Plenty of space between fields • If your supporter is donating via mobile device, customize follow up communication

  7. Food Network case study Does driving people to make donation through text-to-give do better than driving people to a mobile-friendly donation page in non-disaster scenarios?

  8. Food Network: Holiday 2012 7 times the amount of money raised from ads linking to mobile-friendly donation page vs. text to give. How’d we do? • Text To Give: $12,490 raised from 1,249 gifts • Links Driving to Mobile-friendly page: $88,697 raised from 1,247gifts Other benefits: • We received all donor information • About 30% of text to give donations never make it through • We don’t have to wait 3 months for the gifts to come in What was the promotion? In simplest terms: This… vs. This.

  9. End of year fundraising Rules we live by for end of year planning • Make it simple • Know your supporters – who is on your list? Are they donors already? • Test! Time of day, time of week, cultivation with appeal thrown in, celebrity inclusion • Reference earlier conversations with your supporters • Always include sharing options Simple Message Planning Find a sample editorial calendar at

  10. Specific plans around end of year texting How the campaign breaks out • Number of sends: 5 in 6 weeks • What are we testing • Time of the day • Day of the week • Send immediately before vs. after email • Using celebrity name in message • Suggesting a donation amount in the message • Number of groups: 3 How we plan our text messaging Develop a campaign strategy Develop email messaging Base timing and messaging of texts on the email messaging

  11. Any Questions? You can contact me at anytime Thanks for your time!