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Affirmative Action Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Affirmative Action Planning

Affirmative Action Planning

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Affirmative Action Planning

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  1. Affirmative Action Planning 503 Compliance for Federal Contractors Including People with Disabilities Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  2. Opening Points • The Obama Administration has new emphasis on federal contractors recruiting vets and people with disabilities • Workforce diversity includes workers with disabilities—talent has no boundaries • With baby boomers retiring & immigration restrictions continuing, recruiting people with disabilities makes bottom-line & compliance sense Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  3. Section 503: Federal Contractor’s Responsibilities Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services Equal opportunity clauses Invitation to self-identify Review personnel practices Review job requirements Provide reasonable accommodations Employment practices review Job postings

  4. Equal Opportunity Clauses Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services “The contractor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of physical or mental disability in regard to any position for which the employee or applicant for employment is qualified. The contractor agrees to take affirmative action to employ, advance in employment, and otherwise treat qualified individuals with disabilities without discrimination based on their physical or mental disability in all employment practices.”

  5. Invitation to Self-Identify After the employment offer, but before beginning duties, the contractor will invite the applicant to self-identify and take advantage of the Section 503 affirmative action program. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  6. Review Personnel Practices Contractors must review personnel practices to ensure that the qualifications of known protected individuals with disabilities are given proper consideration for job vacancies filled by either hiring or promotion and for all training opportunities. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  7. Review Job Requirements Contractors must regularly review all physical and mental requirements used in selection processes and in medical standards, information, and qualifications. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  8. Reasonable Accommodations Contractors must provide reasonable accommodations to the known physical and/or mental requirements of employees with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation means modifications or adjustments to the job application process, work environment, and work benefits. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  9. Job Postings Contractors must undertake active outreach to the disability community and advertise job openings to partners like Vocational Rehabilitation, local community organizations, and local school/transition programs. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  10. How to Begin: Through Indiana VR & Local Providers • Diversity training • Human Resource mentoring • Recruiting/screening/training support • Disability management support • ADA consultation and training • Rehabilitation and assistive technology assessments • Job accommodations/modification support • Marketing collaboration • State and Federal Work Incentives: On-the-job training, internships, WOTC Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  11. Services Local Providers Can Offer Federal Contractors • Job/Essential Functions Analysis • Job Requirement Review • Personnel Practice Audit • Ongoing Employment Practices Review/Support • Reasonable Accommodation Training • Communicating Job Openings to the Disability Community Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  12. Biz Benefits of Recruiting in the Disability Community • Reduced Recruiting Cost • Reduced Training Costs • Reduced Turnover • Tax Credits • Other Incentives • Increased Diversity • New Customer Niche Group • Increased Brand Loyalty • Improved Community Relations • Risk Reduction/ADA Compliance Support Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  13. Typical Business Concerns • Additional supervision • Higher insurance/workers’ compensation • Loss of productivity • What if it doesn’t work out? • Am I stuck forever paying a sub-standard employee? • Effective communications with employees who have disabilities Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  14. Simple answers: • No increase in supervision, insurance, or workers’ compensation costs • Not required to lower quality or standards for any employee • Typically a dedicated and loyal group of employees who give 100% every day • Bottom line of a disability outreach is to lower costs and increase incentives Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  15. Section 503 Resources • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs: New Contractors’ Guide 2009 • U.S. Department of Labor: Federal Contracts: Employment Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity for Qualified Individuals with Disabilities Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  16. Business & Disability Resources Making the Business Case • APSE • Think Beyond the Label Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services