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Polytechnic Institute of Tomar - Portugal PowerPoint Presentation
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Polytechnic Institute of Tomar - Portugal

Polytechnic Institute of Tomar - Portugal

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Polytechnic Institute of Tomar - Portugal

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  1. Polytechnic Institute of Tomar - Portugal Kick-off meeting of the TEMPO project, Donetsk, October 31 – November 2, 2012

  2. BriefPresentation…. The Instituto Politécnico de Tomar is a Polytechnic Higher Education Institution created by ministerial decree in 1973. On January 1, 1997 the institution obtained the status of an independent polytechnic higher education institution with three schools: management school and technology school at Tomar (the main campus) and a technology school at Abrantes. Currently, our academic community includes about 4500 members: about 4000 students, 300 academics and 125 support staff members

  3. The educational offer... With an educational offer in science, technology, arts and humanities andrelated areas we aim to provide the students with a comprehensive educational background, producing useful knowledge and developing several abilities and skills that prepare them to the labour market and to be active citizens in a democratic society by cooperating with businesses both at local and international level. IPT has been awarded with the ECTS and DS Labels and received the Golden Award for the organization and management of Intensive Programs. IRO Office:

  4. The TEMPO project The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar is partner of the Erasmus Mundus Partnership "Trans-European Mobility Project On Education for Sustainable Development”, coordinated by the Technical University of Lisbon and approved by The European Commission, in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Our fields of expertise include, among others: Chemical Technology Biotechnology Biochemistry Envyronmental Technology…

  5. Some of the chemistry labs.. Our students develop research on quality control in chemical plants, biofuel production, water and wastewater treatment, artificial wetlands, pulp and paper technology, among others..

  6. The Library..

  7. Sports and leisure..

  8. The city of Tomar.. The City of Tomar is a medium-size city in central Portugal, beautifully located on the banks of the river Nabão, which gives its name to the city’s inhabitants, the Nabantinos. With about 43,000 inhabitants, it spreads over an area of 352 km².

  9. History.. The city was founded in the 12th century. It was conquered from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques in 1147 and donated to the Templar Order in 1159. Tomar was founded by Gualdim Pais in 1160, Grand Master of the Order and city’s mythical founder, who laid the first stone of the Castle and Monastery that would become the Headquarters of the Order in Portugal.

  10. World Heritage.. The Templars ruled a vast region of central Portugal from Tomar, which they pledged to defend from Moorish attacks. Tomar was especially important in the 15th century when it was the centre of Portuguese overseas expansion under the supervision of Henry the Navigator, the Grand Master of the Order of Christ, the organization that succeeded the Templars in Portugal. Today, the Convento do Cristo (Convent of the Order of Christ) is one of the most remarkable monuments in the country, having been included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1983.

  11. We are lookingforward to seeyou in Tomar for Study, research, andalso to enjoyoursunshine, goodfoodandhospitality… Thanks for yourattention