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Tampa Bay Region

Tampa Bay Region. Counties: Citrus Hernando Hillsborough Pasco Pinellas Polk. Magnify Credit Union – South Lakeland Branch Lakeland – Polk County, FL Magnify Credit Union. HIGH PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: Solar Energy / Roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system

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Tampa Bay Region

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  1. Tampa Bay Region Counties: Citrus Hernando Hillsborough Pasco Pinellas Polk

  2. Magnify Credit Union – South Lakeland BranchLakeland – Polk County, FLMagnify Credit Union HIGH PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: Solar Energy / Roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system Solar Reflective Roofing Material (reduced Heat Island Effect) Increased Thermal Properties of Building Envelope Digitally Controlled Natural Daylighting Stormwater Management Rainwater Harvesting “Florida Friendly” Landscaping / Xeriscaping Water-saving plumbing fixtures Preferred parking for Low-Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicles Low-Emitting Materials (Low VOC adhesives, sealants, paints, carpet, and composite woods) Regional Materials & Materials with High Recycled Content Storage & Collection of Recyclables Recycled Construction Waste LEED RATING:GOLD + Net Zero Energy Building PROJECT TEAM: Straughn Trout Architects, LLC (Architects/Interiors) KBA Engineering, Inc. (Electrical) Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc. (Mechanical) Herb Newman, PE (CxA) Moduss, Inc. (Civil) Folsom Construction, Inc (CM) Commission on the Environment

  3. Jordan School Restoration (1925)St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FloridaOwner: City of St. Petersburg Occupant: Pinellas County Head Start High Performance Characteristics energy-recovery ventilation (ERV) central chiller plant building shell re-use on-site storm water infiltration energy efficient interior lighting rainwater harvesting for reuse as greywater for toilets waterless urinals automatic faucets solar water heating solar on-site rooftop electric generation (PV) insulated glazing low-VOC interior finishes occupancy sensors for lighting insulated glazing recycling facilities dark-sky outdoor lighting xeric/native landscaping LEED RATING: Registered – Certification Pending PROJECT TEAM: Wade Trim Inc. (Civil and Landscape) Griner Engineering, Inc. (MEP and Commissioning) Master Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Structural) Fagen Acoustical Consultants (Acoustics) Greenfield Environmental, Inc. (Environmental Testing) Hennessy Construction Services (Contractor) RENKER EICH PARKS ARCHITECTS www.reparch.com Commission on the Environment

  4. Chancey Office Building1228 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, Hillsborough County, FloridaChancey Design Partnership High Performance Characteristics Sustainable Site: The building is situated within an urban setting along a multiple public transportation lines and bicycle parking as well as showers for employees are located with in the building. The design of the building allows for a positive connection with the existing historic and urban fabric of the neighborhood. A highly reflective roof material was utilized to reduce the heat island effect. All parking is located within the building footprint which also reduces the heat island effect. Water Efficiency: Utilized drought tolerant, indigenous plants that require zero irrigation once established. Water saving fixtures such as dual flush toilets and low flow faucets help to conserve water inside the building. Energy & Atmosphere: Exterior lights are kept to a minimum which reduce not only energy but light pollution. An electric elevator was selected for its reduced operating power and it requires no oils that could harm the environment. A highly efficient HVAC system utilizes low ozone depleting refrigerant and reduces the impact on global warming. Materials and Resources: The design staff utilized recycled products and renewable materials through out the building as well as certified wood. When available regional materials were used in the design and construction. Indoor Environmental Quality: Low VOC paints are carpets were specified to help improve the indoor environmental conditions. Interior florescent lighting is on a control system that automatically turns off the light when spaces are unoccupied or there is adequate daylight. The HVAC system utilizes an increased number of thermostats to provide increased occupant control of thermal comfort. large windows provide day lighting to over 95% of the interior spaces and are operable allowing the occupants increased environment control Innovative Design: Chilled filtered water is offered throughout the building to avoid the use of bottled water in the building. Design strategies included moving occupants towards the exterior walls to maximize views and natural light. implemented a Green Cleaning program using all environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance materials. LEED RATING : Pursuing Certification PROJECT TEAM: Greg Jones, Lilian M. Sherrard, Mike Abell, Catherine Christie-Zanghi, Sandra Chancey Commission on the Environment

  5. High School EEEBrooksville, Hernando County, FloridaHernando County School Board High Performance Characteristics Daylight Harvesting Estimated 20% Reduction in Energy Consumption Estimated 40% Reduction in Building Water Use Extensive Use of Native Landscape to Reduce Water Consumption for Irrigation Solar Hot Water for Kitchen Enhance Acoustical Design in Classrooms Replace this image with a low resolution image of your project. PROJECT TEAM: Brook Sherrard AIA, LEED AP José Burgos AIA, LEED AP Kathy Arsenault AIA Blaine Lind Josué Robles Commission on the Environment

  6. WMNF COMMUNITY RADIO STATION88.5 FMTampa, Hillsborough County, Florida High Performance Characteristics Landscape design incorporates native vegetation to eliminate requirements for irrigation, fertilizers, and insect control. Captured storm water is retained on site to provide water requirements for native vegetation. Building orientation and positioning of glazing systems maximizes daylighting while minimizing potential A/C loads. Central Light Spine allows for daylighting of all occupied spaces including performance studios deep inside building. Lower roof of facility constructed with concrete hollow plank, isolating sound of passing planes and cars from the broadcast areas additionally reducing heat gain through mass and a reflective roof membrane. High building mass achieved through exterior walls with insulation on the exterior side of the wall to allow the interior to benefit from the thermal storage capabilities of the wall and to isolate the mass from direct solar heat gains attributed to the sun shining on the walls surfaces. “Ground coupled” floor slabs to benefit from free mass cooling from the ground Highly efficient lighting system. Selective switching incorporated to light only the areas needed. High efficiency HVAC systems utilizing low temperature chilled water and pre-dehumidification of outside makeup air. Four levels of redundancy built into HVAC system. Original WMNF studios Central Light Spine sun study Music Library lightwells Music Library sun study Central Light Spine South Entry Facade Project Team: Architects: Lawrence Maxwell, AIA Sharon V. Migala, AIA Team Members: Timothy W. Reed, Johnnie B. Groot, Jeff Phillips, AIA Civil&Structural: Catalano Engineering, Inc. MEP: Sklow and Runkel Consulting Engineers Contractor: PAVCO Inc. Commission on the Environment

  7. Classroom AdditionsLutz, Hillsborough County, FLLearning Gate Community School High Performance Characteristics High R-30 Walls & Roof Soy Based Spray Insulation Tinted, Insulated, Low-E Single Hung Windows High Efficient T-8 Florescent Indirect/Direct Fixtures North Orientation w/ Large Windows for Daylight Harvesting Meunters De-Humidification System CO2 & Humidity Sensors Full Building System Monitoring Cistern for Toilets & Irrigation Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures Passive Shading on South Facade FSC Certified Wood Framing, Pre Fabricated Structures Low VOC Emitting Materials & Finishes Materials w/ High Recycled Content Reuse of Site Cleared Trees/Wood “REGISTERED” LEED: SC PLATNIUM PROJECT TEAM: Stewart Engineering (MEP) Hees & Associates (Structural) Two Trails (Commissioning) Commission on the Environment

  8. Dunedin Community CenterDunedin, Pinellas County, FloridaCity of Dunedin High Performance Characteristics National recognition in “Leadership in Environmental, and Energy Design,” making it the first public facility in Pinellas County to receive this honor. Optimized Energy Performance with glass, insulation, and sun control. Reduced water usage by 20%, achieving Zero Light Pollution. Recycled over 70% of construction waste and utilized recycled building materials. LEED RATING (Silver) PROJECT TEAM: Rodney L. Collman, AIA, LEED AP Ritchie Henley, Michael Patterson, Henry Markle, Joanna Switzer COLLMAN & KARSKY ARCHITECTS, INC. Commission on the Environment

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