how to create your own barcode labels n.
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How to create your own barcode labels. PowerPoint Presentation
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How to create your own barcode labels.

How to create your own barcode labels.

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How to create your own barcode labels.

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  1. How to create your own barcode labels. Why would anyone want to do that? More on this question later…

  2. A WORD OF WARNING! • This is only to be used to make duplicate/ another copy of an assigned barcode for official use. • DO NOT MAKE ORIGINAL BARCODES FOR THE LIBRARY AUTOMATION SYSTEM. • The authority control for library barcodes currently rests with Chris Doute’s position. • You can, however, make copies of your Blockbuster rental card, Public/UVI Library card, Office MaxPerks card, MASA card, etc. for your own use.

  3. Problem: • You have a new book with a book jacket. You would like to put a barcode on the book andon the book jacket, so that when the jacket is eventually discarded the book still has a circulation barcode attached. • But, the barcodes we were supplied with have only one barcode and one number label. (I put mine on the title page) Perhaps in future we can two full barcodes instead of one. (hint, Susan) • So what can you do?

  4. Solution • Make your own barcode “label” to attach to the book or jacket. • I will now show you how it’s done…

  5. What steps are needed • Download a “3 of 9”, also called “Coda 39”, barcode font. There are many barcode fonts from which to choose. • Install the font into your Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office fonts folder. • Design the barcode label you want in Word or Office using both text and 3 of 9 fonts. • Print out your barcode or barcodes.

  6. Step 1 The download • Locate a True Text font version of the 3 of 9 barcode font. This works like any font except it looks like a barcode. • Useful websites I found include: • (good) • (better) • (best, and it’s free)

  7. Step 2 Installing the font • This is a little tricky (or was for me) • You must open the MS Word or MS Office font folder. Go to Control Panel; Administrative Tools; Fonts folder. Click on File and choose “install font” • Once you’ve done this the rest is easy. It acts just like any other font. I downloaded two named “Free 3 of 9” and “Free 3 of 9 extended”.

  8. Step 3 Designing your “label” • Using MS Word or MS Office…and • Using a combination of any font you choose and the “3 of 9” font you can design your own label. The barcode fonts tend to look small so a larger font size is usually indicated. • You can choose to make it look like all the other labels or not. It’s up to you. • I suggest that if you choose to take the time to make a label that looks just the way you like it, save it as a template so it is easy to use over and over again.

  9. Example VIDOE 33071001059999 3 3071 00105 9999 These are Ariel font, 18 point This is 3of9 extended font, 28 point Do NOT type spaces into the barcode. If you do, the library software will not recognize the material when you scan it.

  10. Other handy things you can use with this new skill • Make a copy of your barcode from Blockbuster. • Make a cooler, better staff ID card for yourself. • Make student ID’s for use at your circulation desk with pictures & barcodes. • Make a copy of your library card from UVI, Landmark Society (Whim library), or public library. Or make one card with all three barcodes printed on it.