simple still images do not always raise interest n.
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How To Create Your Own GIF PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Create Your Own GIF

How To Create Your Own GIF

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How To Create Your Own GIF

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  1. Simple still images do not always raise interest among the viewers. Thus, to make the presentations more attractive and engaging, you may use animated images or GIFs. Whether it is a social profile online or a personal blog, you can insert GIF images to the sites. It will make the content more thrilling to the readers and viewers. In the recent years, these animated images have gained high popularity among the internet users. For communicating thoughts images are the right options. and emotions, these

  2. Now, you have to know the way of creating GIF in your own way. Though online world has lots of GIFs, available for you, there are tools to make customized GIF. Most of the GIF making apps enable you to create the animated pictures very easily. However, still, we have seen that the most popular one among these GIF makers is Licecap. Çockos Incorporated has designed this app, and it runs on both Mac and Windows devices.

  3. 1) The software starts its work as a simple empty frame. 2) After clicking on the app icon, you will see this frame on screen. The best fact is that the developer has made this frame adjustable. Thus, you can place it at any site of the screen for capturing the important things. For instance, you may capture your webpage or notepad.

  4. 3) Drag the corner of frame for the manual adjustment. Size of this frame is also adjustable. You have to enter the size that you like. Moreover, it is also essential to set the fps. However, while you have increased the figure, your file size can get bigger. 4) After modifying all these things, you can click on the button- Record. 5) Pause this recording process anytime, and then move the frame for tracking various spots of your screen. The shortcut for pausing the recording is Control + Alt + P. After you have done it, the cursor cannot be seen on screen.

  5. While you have accomplished all these processes, the app will store it as your GIF file. You may also upload it online for any purpose.

  6. Using Photoshop for more refined GIFs  In many cases, the users like to crop or eliminate the unnecessary screens for refining their animated images. To solve this issue, you may use Photoshop. To edit the GIF output from the app, you can run Photoshop. Open your GIF; choose the irrelevant frames, and hit the bin or trash icon.  Thus, it becomes very easy for anyone to make the GIF images of any type. Choose the best software to do it.