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Hertz/State of Missouri Rental Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Hertz/State of Missouri Rental Program

Hertz/State of Missouri Rental Program

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Hertz/State of Missouri Rental Program

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  1. Hertz/State of MissouriRental Program

  2. Agenda • Presenters • ProgramFeatures • Hertz CDP #’s – What are they? • Hertz Gold – What is it? • Billing – HCC Program & Acct Management • Booking Rentals – Website & Gold • Rental Process – Picking up the car

  3. Hertz Presenters • Pat Hawn – Account Manager • St. Charles County, Jefferson City, Columbia, NE Missouri • Denise Hepler– Senior Account Manager • St. Louis, Springfield, Cape, Southern Missouri • Kristin Wantland– Senior Account Manager • N. Kansas City, Independence, St. Joe’s, NW Missouri • Maxine Haverfield– Senior Account Manager • S. Kansas City, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Central-West Missouri • Dawn Fox – General Manager – Central MO Op’s • Sue Harrison – Account Service Rep

  4. Program Features • Rates/Locations • Base Rates • 71 State-wide Locations • Coverages • Loss Damage & Liability Coverages • One-Way Program & Rental Age

  5. Hertz Nationwide Rates

  6. Hertz Locations

  7. Hertz Provided Coverages • On all State of Missouri Authorized rentals utilizing your Office/Agency/Departmental CDP and at the Contracted Rate will include: • Full Loss Damage Waiver Protection – Protection against any theft or damage occurring to the rental vehicle, regardless of fault, as long as the terms of the rental have not been broken. • A $1,000,000 Liability Coverage – Covers third party liability protection to State and Traveler and protects against bodily injury, death or property damage to others arising out of the use or operation of the rental vehicle.

  8. One-Way Program & Rental Age • One-Way Rentals – Less than 500 miles driven • Rental is at base rate for car class • One-Way Rentals – Greater than 500 miles driven • Base Rate for car class plus $125 surcharge covers all miles • Rental Age • On all State of Missouri Business Rentals, minimum rental age is 18 with valid Drivers License

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  10. What’s in a Hertz CDP? • CDP – This is the reference number for your respective offices/agencies/departments. • Hertz has created 200+ unique CDP codes. • Important as these numbers allow for separate billing and reporting to be established. • Provided is a list with every CDP # that has been requested for set up to date. • There are a handful of Departments that we are still working with the State to get the agency breakdowns.

  11. What is Gold? Gold is our Expedited, VIP rental program that we will be having each State Traveler set up. • What does it do? Each traveler provides us, up front, with all of their rental information, so we don’t need anything else at the time of rental. • Name, Address, License Info, Billing, Vehicle Preference • How do our travelers get Gold? We’ll look at the form later, it’s quite easy.

  12. Now what? Once you make a reservation, when it comes time to rent, since we have everything we already need, your traveler can get on their way: • At major airport locations (ie: KC, STL), the shuttle will drop them off, review the Gold Board for their vehicle location, contract will already be inside, show DL at the gate on the way out.

  13. Now what? Once you make a reservation, when it comes time to rent, since we have everything we already need, your traveler can get on their way: • At our local offices (HLE’s), your traveler will need only to go to the counter, identify themselves as a Gold Member, show a DL, get their contract and keys and head out the door.

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  15. Hertz Billing Program - HCC • What is HCC? The HCC Billing Program has been approved by the State to allow billing and invoicing to be set up for each office/agency/department. • Why use the HCC Program? This will allow us to tie Direct Billing to your traveler’s Gold Profile, allowing for expedited service across the country. • How do we get started? Hertz has already set up a billing account to match up with every agency/office/department that has a CDP #. Then what’s next???

  16. Hertz Billing Program - HCC • This where the programs come together: • Each traveler will fill out their Gold Profile Form. • As the Travel Coordinators, you will collect these forms from your travelers. • Fill out the information requested in the Adding Travelers to Billing form and put it on Letterhead. • Put everything together and mail it to the address provided on the Adding Travelers to Billing example. • In approximately three to four weeks you will get back everyone’s Gold Cards that are ready to use. This sounds complicated…but it isn’t

  17. Hertz Billing Program - HCC Identify your Agency/Office CDP # and HCC Billing Account # Collect all completed Gold Forms and submit for Processing (Adding Travelers to Billing) Have Travelers fill out the Hertz Gold Application (example). Be sure they include your Agency/Office CDP# Contact will receive Gold Cards in mail. Decide if you will distribute.

  18. Hertz Billing Program - HCC • Account Management – Adding, Subtracting • To add employees later, simply follow the same process as the previous slide (Gold Form, Send in with letter) • To subtract employees from the billing: • Email • Include the individual’s existing Gold Number and your Dept/Agency’s Account Number in the email • Indicate that you would like to Delete Billing We would like to have all forms in the mail to Hertz by Oct. 29.

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  20. Booking Rentals • Access the Hertz Booking Portal on the Rental Car Intranet Page link • To access the Reservation Page, you will need to input the State of MO Secure PIN # (00243891) • Then select the pull down menu and select RESERVATIONS

  21. Booking Rentals

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  23. Booking Rentals Gold Number Traveler’s Last Name

  24. Booking Rentals • At this time, to pick up a vehicle outside of the Jefferson City location’s regular hours, please contact General Manager Dawn Fox at the Columbia Airport – 573-449-0077 • Normal Hours at Jeff City: • Mon, Tues – 7a-9a • Wed, Thurs, Fri – 7a-2p

  25. Rental Process • When the Reservation is booked with a Gold Number, the Rental process is easy. • Locally - show up with your Drivers License and get your car. • At most airports - look for your name on the Gold Board, go to your car, show your Drivers License at the Security Gate on the way out • It couldn’t be easier

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