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State of Tennessee Rental Program PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Tennessee Rental Program

State of Tennessee Rental Program

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State of Tennessee Rental Program

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  1. State of Tennessee Rental Program Launching: February 1, 2012

  2. February 1st 2012 - Agenda State of Tennessee Program Overview State webpage (eLink) Trip Optimizer WeCar Become a Member Reserve a WeCar Accessing the WeCar Enterprise Reservations National Reservations Emerald Club Benefits and Video Q&A

  3. Program Overview and Main Webpage

  4. State of Tennessee – Program Overview • WeCar – Nashville Motor Pool • 80 WeCars Located in the Blue Lot • Nissan and VW products • Enterprise Rent-A-Car • Nashville Downtown Overflow directed to Downtown Rental Branch • Statewide travel directed to the closest rental location • National Car Rental • Airport Travel Agency Billing included for WeCar and Enterprise

  5. What Brand Do I Use?

  6. Main Webpage

  7. Trip Optimizer

  8. Main Webpage

  9. Trip Optimizer

  10. Roundtrip – One Day trip to Knoxville Trip Savings $101.66

  11. Becoming a WeCar Member

  12. WeCar Become a member

  13. WeCar Join Link – Joining WeCar

  14. WeCar Join Link – Enter Profile Information

  15. WeCar Join Link – Terms and Conditions

  16. WeCar Join Link – Application Confirmation

  17. WeCar Join Link – Application Approval

  18. Reserving a WeCar

  19. Main Webpage – WeCar Join Link

  20. WeCar Reservation Link

  21. WeCar Reservation Link Continued

  22. WeCar Reservation – Enter Speed Chart # Enter Speed chart # Select agency code from drop down Once completed: RESERVE IT

  23. WeCar Reservation – Select Agency Code Enter Speed chart # Select agency code from drop down Once completed: RESERVE IT

  24. WeCar Reservation – Details

  25. WeCar Reservation – Confirmation Email

  26. WeCar – My Reservations Page Reservation in the past Reservation in the future

  27. WeCar – My Reservations

  28. WeCar – My Account: Details Page

  29. WeCar – My Account: Contact Information

  30. WeCar – My Account: Change Password

  31. WeCar – My Account: Preferences

  32. WeCar - Member Feedback

  33. Accessing the WeCar

  34. Beginning the Rental • When it’s time to pick up the WeCar, members proceed to the reserved parking location and find the WeCar that you reserved. • Unlock the doors by holding their membership card over the sensor in the front windshield. When the light turns Yellow, remove card. The doors will unlock when the light turns Green. • The ignition key is in the glove box. The member simply retrieves the key from the holder, inserts it into the ignition and they’re off and running!

  35. Tips During Reservation • Remove the keys from the holder in the glove box at the beginning of your reservation. • When you turn the car off, take the ignition key with you and lock the vehicle as you would with your own vehicle. • WeCar customers should not use their membership card to lock the car during a stop in their trip. (If you do, you could be locked out of the car.) • ONLY use your membership card to unlock the car at the start of your reservation and to end your reservation.

  36. Tips Fueling the WeCar • Need

  37. Ending the Rental • At the conclusion of the rental, the member returns the WeCar to its original location. Then “snap” the green key fob into the holder in the glove box where they found it, closing all doors and windows. • They again hold their membership card over the sensor in the front windshield. The doors will lock and light will turn Red. • The system has now been notified that the rental period has ended.

  38. Reserve at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  39. Main Webpage – Enterprise Reservations

  40. Enterprise Reservations – Select Agency

  41. Enterprise Reservations – Enter City, Select Date / Time, and Vehicle Class

  42. Enterprise Reservations –Select Nearest Rental Location

  43. Enterprise Reservations – Select Vehicle

  44. Enterprise Reservation – Enter Information

  45. Enterprise Reservation – Details Note: The State of Tennessee is tax exempt and the taxes will be removed at the time of rental!!

  46. Airport Reservations at National Car Rental

  47. Main Webpage – National Car Rental

  48. National Car Rental - Reservations

  49. National Car Rental – Enter Trip Data Enter Emerald Club number to take advantage of counter bypass

  50. Benefits: National Our award-winning loyalty club, Emerald Club, provides: Vehicle choice Expedited service Emailed rental receipts Reward choice 24-hour profile update Online rental history Dedicated toll-free reservations Three tiers (plus VIP) Status match based on tiers Member recognition and credit at participating Enterprise locations* *Enterprise service will be provided