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What Is a Deadbolt Lock PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is a Deadbolt Lock

What Is a Deadbolt Lock

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What Is a Deadbolt Lock

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  1. What Is a Deadbolt Lock

  2. I think that most folks know what a deadbolt lock is. Most take it for granted, and they think that they get extra security by using it. Yes this lock is also called the door's second lock or the top lock. The fact is this provides the extra security in case someone tries to force their way in or attack the door itself. The problem is that all are not created equal. There are some standards that a good one should have. I have listed the most important features of a deadbolt lock:

  3. The deadbolt lock should be at least a Grade 2 (I have explained the "Grades" in another article). It should have a bolt throw of one inch (this means the locking bolt of the lock goes into the door jamb at least one inch). The locking bolt should be made of steel. The lock should have anti-bumping technology built in. It should be shielded inside the door. You should have some type of key control for this lock and all your other locks.

  4. When discussing deadbolt locks, I also need to touch on the door itself. Any deadbolt lock is of little use if it's on a hollow core door. All outside doors should be constructed of solid wood, steel or solid fiberglass. The door jamb should also be solid with the locking bolt going into solid material or concrete. Now, back to the lock. All outside doors should have a one installed, including the door that goes from the garage into the house. Most people don't consider this an outside door, however any door leading into the house must have a deadbolt installed.

  5. How these locks are keyed is really up to the user or owner. For example let's say that your house has 4 outside doors, with each having a deadbolt lock. That would be a total of eight locks. You could either key all the locks to the same key or key the deadbolt locks to one key and the four other door locks to another. This would mean you would need 2 keys to enter your house. This method would give you more security, but less convenience. This is always the choice when deciding how to key anything. These locks do indeed provide an extra layer of security and should be used on every house and business.

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