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Bedroom Bolt Lock, Deadbolt Lock and Double-Bolt Lock PowerPoint Presentation
Bedroom Bolt Lock, Deadbolt Lock and Double-Bolt Lock

Bedroom Bolt Lock, Deadbolt Lock and Double-Bolt Lock

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  1. The Advantages Of Bedroom Bolts • Easy, fast and secure! Bedroom Bolt provides you with a bedroom bolt lock, deadbolt lock and double-bolt lock to keep you safe all the time.

  2. Bedroom bolts are known to be effortless two-piece door locks, which consist of a half-inch U shaped piece that is wrapped around the shank of the doorknob and is seen sliding into the customer striker plates and their holes. The bedroom bolt is made of brass steel-plated, which provides an attractive design and a durable one that lasts for years. The installation of the bedroom bolt is straightforward. All one needs to do is to replace the stood striker of door-jam by using only the two screws and then replace them with the existing new screw holes.

  3. Why are Bedroom Bolts the Best Choice for Security? Although there are several reasons which make the bedroom bolt a quick decision, here are the core three reasons.

  4. Easy to Install Bedroom Bolts are super easy to install. The time and effort taken to fix them is less. All one has to do is to unscrew the two screws and then place the plates on the wall. Once this is done, the door needs to be closed, and the bolt can then be put into place, and guess what? The bedroom is all secure! There cannot be a faster way to secure a room that this

  5. Fast The best part about bedroom bolts is that they do not require the emergence of any new holes to set up on either of the two things the door jam or the door itself. The icing on the cake is that these bolts can easily get installed in less than even 90 seconds. This makes it more efficient for a child to use it. Adding on to it, these bolts also help in keeping the room extremely secure from the inside as well as outside.

  6. Safe With the help of simple mechanical technology, the bolts are known to be super reliable, yet simple and even more than that very effective. Just similar to a doorknob, they are made up of effortless designs. It is always said that ‘Simplicity is the key to everything.’ The plans are excellent to look at. Bedroom bolt removes all the complicated parts and keeps the entire process of security secure and straightforward.

  7. Bedroom Bolts overall are a significant investment. They are most useful to prevent the individuals of the family from accidentally waking up at the odd timings. Hence, before even thinking twice, it is time to invest in them

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