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How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems

How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems

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How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems

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  1. How To Deal With Common Lawn Mowing Problems

  2. In order to make lawns appealing, it is imperative to accomplish lawn tasks regularly. However, some homeowners do not have enough time to do such tasks due to their work and obligations. In addition, some homeowners do not have sufficient knowledge in dealing with lawn problems. Because of this, some homeowners make mistakes in maintaining lawns such as lawn mowing. As a result, turf can be unsightly or perhaps cause infection and worse; Death. Fortunately, there are now ways on how to deal with lawn issues. For instance, when planning to get rid of mowing issues, you need to know its cause and how to fix it. Below are some of the following.

  3. Streaking Streaking is caused when thin strips of uncut grass are left behind the mower. This issue is commonly experienced due to operator error or poor blade maintenance. To avoid this issue, it is imperative that homeowners sharpen or replace their blades. Apart from that, homeowners also need to make sure to use the mower in full throttle and reduce speed if ground speed is too fast. Plus, you also need to clean your mower regularly.

  4. Stepped Cutting The next mowing issue homeowners may experience is stepped cutting. This issue can be identified due to sharp ridges left in the lawn surface. And, this issue is caused by mower deck damage, mower blade, or maladjustments. To prevent this, homeowners are advised to level the deck correctly. In case there are any issues with the deck, it is best to repair or replace the deck immediately.

  5. Uneven Cutting Uneven cutting is also another common mowing problem. This issue can be notice due to wavy or smooth troughs in the lawn surface. Fortunately, this can be prevented by repairing or replacing the spindle or perhaps reinstalling the blades correctly. Scalping Scalping usually occurs when the mower deck comes close to or hits the ground. Another cause of scalping is due to unevenness of the lawn. Homeowners can get rid of this issue by levelling the lawn as well as raising cutting height.

  6. Stingers Finally, some homeowners may also notice stingers. Stingers are patches of uncut grass left behind the mower. This is cause by dull blades and even operator error. To avoid this, blades must be sharpened or replaced. Other than that, mowers must be cleaned properly. Knowing all these will help homeowners mow their lawns properly without experiencing any issues that can affect the looks of their properties.

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