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Different Families PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Families

Different Families

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Different Families

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  1. Different Families Learning Objectives: To identify:different types of family To learn: families may look different but they provide the same love and care

  2. FamiliesWhat do they look like? These drawings by children of families all look very similar. They all have a mum and a dad and two children. However, not all families are the same as this. Let us look at different types of families.

  3. Big Families Some Families are BIG Do you have some big families in your school?

  4. Small Families Some families are small

  5. FosterFamilies A foster family is a safe place where children can live and be cared for, loved and supported. Sometimes children stay with a foster family for just a short time and sometimes they live with their foster families for a long time.

  6. Every child has the right to a safe and happy family of their own where they can be loved and cared for. Adoption - A new family For children who cannot live with their birth parents or relatives, adoption is the way they find a new family to love them, care for them and to keep them safe.

  7. Step Families or Blended Families A stepfamily or blended family is a family where one parent has children that are not related to the other parent. Either one or both parents may have children from a previous relationship. In this diagram Anne and George have recently married. Anne is mum to 4 children and is now step mum to 3 children. George is dad to 3 children and is now stepdad to 4 children. They are now a blended family with 7 children.

  8. Living withGrandparents Sometimes children live with and are brought up by their grandparents.

  9. A Family with Pets Some families have pets that are ‘part of the family.’

  10. Sometimes families have: Two Mums or Two Dads

  11. Sometimes extended family live together An extended family includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives. Sometimes extended family members live together in the same house.

  12. All families are different • Some like to be quiet • Some live together • Some families like doing sporting activities together • Some families like watching TV. together • Some families enjoy being busy • Some like to be noisy • Some live in different places • Some families like going on walks together • Some families cook and eat their meals together • Some families enjoy relaxing together

  13. All families need: security hugs safety love care fun laughter Families can look very different but all families love each other.