shuhei daisuke yo yohei ayaka n.
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Thai History PowerPoint Presentation
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Thai History

Thai History

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Thai History

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  1. Shuhei Daisuke YoYoheiAyaka Thai History

  2. Content • Thai Muang development • Thai Muang organization • Thai Muang fulfill for the Thai people • Thai language development • Representation of Phayao, Lan Na, and Sukhothai a Thai Muang • influence of Sukhothai Thai history • Influence of religion for Sukhothai’s culture and daily life?

  3. King Si Sri Inthrathit * First conquered Sukhothai Phor Khun Ban * Throne of Sukhothai Phor Khun Ramkhamhaeng * Successor for 49 years. Everybody happy!!!

  4. King Ramkhamhaeng • The written Thai language was introduced by King Ramkhamhaeng the 3rdin Sukhothai period, 1283. Ramkhamhaeng expanded religious beliefs to all around Thais. Many monasteries and statues of deities were built.

  5. Sukhothai people lifestyle • Phor Khun Ramkhamhaeng established this Muangand provincesto have glories and witness for people. • People had rich in water and fish. All people were happy then. They used irrigation dams called "Tham Nob PhraRuang" to maintain their agriculture and fertile land.

  6. Sukhothai Thani • Ayutthaya begun to influence and make Sukhothai stagnate

  7. Thai Muang in past • Sukhothai and Ayutthaya helped Thai people’s development. Thai people accustomed their lifestyle as Thai Muang’s , king or policy had changed. • As the costume, lifestyle, culture and many things around of Thai people changed by Muang and Thai people was developed with Muang’s influence

  8. Thai language and dialects • The Thai Language is the national language of Thailand and the mother tongue of the Thai people. • Thai has four different " dialects " used by Thais in different areas.

  9. Origin of the Thai Language • The Thai language also called Siamese, is a member of the Tai group of the Kradai language family, was presumed to be originated in the area near the border of northern Vietnam and southeastern • Recently, Chinese and English words are seemingly related to business and food have been added into the Thai language. • Thai language Incorporated some Chinese and English words. E.g. computer, hamburger……

  10. alphabet • The written Thai language has undergone little changes since it was first use the reason why written documents during the Sukhothai period. • King Ramkhamhaeng achieved to develop Thai alphabets.

  11. Religion influence Sukhothai’s culture and daily life • The religion was very progressive in Sukhothai period • Religion is the foundation for Thai culture • Thai people’s way of life is unique • They wai to each other to show respect • Thai people’s personalities are due to Buddhism • Many Thai fictions are based from Buddhism

  12. Phayao, Lan Na, and Sukhothai represent a Thai Muang • -Lan-na: state in northern Thailand from 13th to 18th century. • -Sukhothai: early kingdom in the area in north central Thailand. It was First Thai Empire. • -Phayao: town in northern Thailand • -In 1287 A.D. king of Lan-na, Sukhothai and Phayao made an allegiance. • -Lan-na and Phayao, both in present-day northern Thailand. • - Thai historical imagination has been most stirred by Sukhothai. • - There has been a civilization in this area.

  13. Sukhothai influence to Thai history • -"first Thai kingdom" was Sukhothai. • - king of Sukhothai was called Si Intharathit • - Sukhothai's power expanded in all directions through conquest by a far-sighted network of marriage alliances. • - Thai rulers of Sukhothai threw off the Khmer yoke and set up an independent Thai kingdom.

  14. Bibiography • Novels • Title: A Short History of Thailand • No. 959 Bha • RIS Library 2nd floor • About: How did Sukhothai kingdom was created? What was the occur of Sukhothai • Kingdom was created by people? • Title: Sukhothai • No. 959.3 HOA • RIS Library 1st floor • About: Especially Sukhothai People and their life in past • Title: The Thai People and Culture • No. 959 Tha • RIS Library 2nd floor • About: Thai people • Internet sites • • • •

  15. Vocabularies • Expand(Expantionary) • Irrigation • Provinces • Fertile • Monasteries • Achieved(achievement) • Seemingly • Incorporated • Presumed • deities