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Presidents Good Luck!

JEOPARDY. Presidents Good Luck!. These were the men who supported and encouraged the War of 1812. Who were the War Hawks. These were private roads. What were turnpikes. Machine work replaced hand work during what revolution ?. What was the Industrial Revolution.

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Presidents Good Luck!

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  1. JEOPARDY Presidents Good Luck!

  2. These were the men who supported and encouraged the War of 1812.

  3. Who were the War Hawks

  4. These were private roads.

  5. What were turnpikes

  6. Machine work replaced hand work during what revolution?

  7. What was the Industrial Revolution

  8. THIS man convinced New York legislators to spend money on the Erie Canal.

  9. Who was DeWitt Clinton

  10. THIS man invented both Interchangeable Parts and the Cotton Gin

  11. Who is Eli Whitney

  12. The MAIN purpose of the Erie Canal was to transport goods from____ to _____.

  13. What EAST to WEST

  14. This doctrine stated that European nations were NOT to interfere with newly independent nations in Latin America.

  15. What is the Monroe Doctrine

  16. The Erie Canal opened up trade from the Great Lakes to:

  17. What is New York City

  18. The invention of the Cotton Gin revitalized:

  19. What is the slave industry in the South.

  20. This man brought the plans for America’s first factory.

  21. Who is Samuel Slater

  22. This battle in the War of 1812 took place AFTER a peace treaty was signed.

  23. What was the Battle of New Orleans

  24. The Spinning Jenny was capable of doing what:

  25. What is: It could spin several threads at once.

  26. What does it mean when colonies exist for the good of the Mother Country

  27. What is Mercantilism

  28. In order to start up a business or factory one needs money. You can get that from a:

  29. What is a capitalist

  30. When did the Long Island Railroad start up:

  31. What is 1834

  32. Corduroy roads were made out of:

  33. What are logs

  34. This man tries to unite the Native American Tribes in order to fight encroaching settlers off the ORV (think Tecumseh’ s Curse)

  35. Who is William Henry Harrison

  36. What was written during the Battle of Fort McHenry

  37. What is: The Star Spangled Banner

  38. What year did EMO schools open?

  39. When was 1813

  40. What does a textile mill produce?

  41. What is: Cloth

  42. Robert Fulton ran the first successful steamboat line that ran along THIS waterway:

  43. What is the Hudson River

  44. This was a major event that happened during Madison’s presidency:

  45. What is: the United States purchase Florida from Spain (Adams-Onis Treaty)

  46. Who invented the steam engine?

  47. Who James Watt

  48. This president was the shortest at 5 ft. 4 inches

  49. Who is James Madison

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