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PBIS Kick Off and Implementation Day

PBIS Kick Off and Implementation Day. Organization Teaching Rotations Assemblies & Celebrations. Are your ready ?. What is the data indicating?. PBIS Kick Off. Planning and Organizing. Why? Communication of school-wide cultural shifts

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PBIS Kick Off and Implementation Day

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  1. PBISKick Offand Implementation Day Organization Teaching Rotations Assemblies & Celebrations

  2. Are your ready ? What is the data indicating? PBIS Kick Off

  3. Planning and Organizing Why? • Communication of school-wide cultural shifts • Commonalities in language and expected behaviors Who? • Staff: who will present; who will monitor • Parent/Community: participating? responsibility? What? • Positive behaviors to target at each “problem area” • Is your school--wide matrix updated? Inclusive? Where? • “Problem Areas?” swis data indicators • Historic or potential problems? Considerations? When? • It all in the timing! PBIS Kick Off

  4. Teaching Rotations How? • School-wide Matrix • Classroom Matrix • Lesson Plans (Cool Tools) • Scripts • Rotation Schedule • School Map • Check-list • Communication • Reinforcers; passports PBIS Kick Off

  5. Teaching Rotations And the nominee for inspirational PBIS videos are … • Play by the Rules Recess • STAR Super Heroes TR Ranger: Lunch Tables Respectful Ranger: Bathrooms • Willard STARS Hallways Library Bathroom Lunch Area • RanchoRules Front of School PBIS Kick Off

  6. Teaching Rotations And the nominee for inspirational PBIS are … • Gibson Elementary School • Strawberry Park Elementary School • Eastwood Elementary School • Chiddix Middle School Lynch Wood Elementary School PBIS Kick Off


  8. Welcome to PBIS Family Feud

  9. Let’s play theF A M I L Y F E U D

  10. The first survey item ….

  11. Choices?

  12. What is STAR? • STAR is expected student behavior • It reinforces positive behaviors and re-teaches negative behaviors

  13. What does STAR stand for? • Safety First • There and Ready • Act Responsibly • Respect Self and Others

  14. How do we celebrate STAR? • STAR Cards (STAR box in 7/8 commons) • School Assemblies • Personal Acknowledgment from friends and teachers

  15. Name that STAR…

  16. STAR in the MPR

  17. Recess Boundaries

  18. ? True or False?

  19. It is OK to cut through the bathroom and hide in the building during lunch and recess. • When outside, backpacks are left on the concrete walkway or tile wall. • In the MPR, I will watch for speaker’s cue to begin the assembly.

  20. Pat will clean up after me at the lunch tables. Sending only one copy to print when on the computers will help save the trees! I can soon check out equipment at recess and lunch with my new id card.

  21. I will skateboard through the parking lot to find my ride home. I will wash my hands before leaving the bathroom. I will text message my friend when the teacher says it time to leave the computers.

  22. It’s great to be a STAR!

  23. Safety First There & Ready Act Responsibly Respect Self & Others Teacher Trivia 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  24. While waiting in line at the water fountain, should you wait on the concrete or on the asphalt?

  25. Jeopardy Board On the asphalt

  26. Where should you put backpacks in the classroom?

  27. Where people won’t trip over them. Jeopardy Board

  28. What should you always remember to do before returning to class from the bathroom?

  29. Wash your hands! Jeopardy Board

  30. When going to or from the buses, what should you do at the crosswalk ?

  31. Wait for the crossing guard. Jeopardy Board

  32. What should all parents and visitors be wearing on school property and where do they get one?

  33. A visitor pass which they get when signing in at the front office. Jeopardy Board

  34. What does the “T” in S.T.A.R mean?

  35. There and Ready Jeopardy Board

  36. What should you have in your hand before you walk in to the lunch room to buy lunch?

  37. Your Student I.D. card Jeopardy Board

  38. How can your backpack be “There and Ready”?

  39. By bringing it to school organized! Jeopardy Board

  40. If you are late for school, what do you have to do before going to class?

  41. Stop at the office and get a LATE SLIP. Jeopardy Board

  42. At the end of recess or lunch, how do you know when it is time to line up for class?

  43. A bell chimes. Jeopardy Board

  44. What is the meaning of the “A” in S.T.A.R.?

  45. Act responsibly Jeopardy Board

  46. How can you demonstrate “Responsibility” with your planner?

  47. By filling it out daily during every class. Jeopardy Board

  48. Name 2 ways you show “Responsibility” in the classroom?

  49. Doing your work, turning in your work, always doing your best, SLANTing, disposing of trash Jeopardy Board

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