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Travel, Travel, Travel!

Travel, Travel, Travel!

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Travel, Travel, Travel!

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  1. Travel, Travel, Travel! 2013 Idaho Conference on Refugees Beth Rutten-Turner

  2. The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ---Saint Augustine The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. ---Gilbert K. Chesterton Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit. ---Jawaharial Nehru

  3. Objectives of the Presentation: • Understand the importance of ANY travel • Understand the importance of traveling to countries refugees are from OR being resettled from • Learn about organizations that support refugee resettlement • Learn about organizations that accept volunteers or interns

  4. Cultural Competency • “Buzz word”, but what does it mean? • Is it truly possible? • What can you do to make steps forward? • Interact with people in our community • Read fiction and non-fiction from/ about the cultures • TRAVEL

  5. Why Travel? • Experience different cultures in THEIR • environment • Learn about new ideas and philosophies • Understand how it feels to be an outsider

  6. Why Travel to Refugees’ Countries? • Learn about their cultures in context • Learn about the government first hand and how people feel about it • Learn how other people in the country view the conflict/situation

  7. Why Travel to Resettlement Countries, Refugee Camps, IDP Camps, or Urban Refugee Areas? • Understand the most recent living situations that refugees are resettling from • Learn about the specific cultures of the refugees arriving in the United States • Talk to people about why they are making the decision to resettle or not • Learn about the support systems in place

  8. Learning Abroad • Decide where you want to go • Decide what work you want to do • Decide how much money you have to spend • Decide how much time you have

  9. International Volunteer Projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, South and Central America, and the Middle East Volunteers for Peace, Inc 7 Kilburn St, Suite 316 Burlington, VT 05401 802-540-3060

  10. VFP Mission: Volunteers For Peace promotes International Voluntary Service as an effective means of intercultural education, service learning and community development. We provide projects where people from diverse backgrounds can work together to help overcome the need, violence and environmental challenges facing our planet. We organize and promote projects where nations join together to improve life on our planet and volunteers experience a microcosm of our world. Through the exchange of ideas and international understanding, our projects are practical ways to both prevent and resolve conflict while meeting local needs. By encouraging and providing opportunities for voluntary service we are sowing the seeds of a better future for all.

  11. How does it work? A Workcamp typically lasts 2 -6 weeks and involves volunteers from four or more countries working with a local organization to meet a need identified by the community and also building cultural understanding. • You choose: • WHEN you want to travel • WHERE you want to travel • TYPE of project you want to participate in

  12. What will it cost? Volunteers pay a $500 registration fee that covers accommodation, food, and work materials during the project. Volunteers are also responsible for their own airfare. In many of our projects in the developing world (Asia, Africa and Central and South America) there may be an extra fee of $200-$500.

  13. What it looks like:

  14. The world's best place to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations working to change the world since 1995. Portland, OR Action Without Borders/Idealist.org209 SW Oak, Suite 600Portland, OR 97204United States

  15. How does it work? • Choose a “type”: • Volunteer • Intern • Job • Events • Resources • Choose “what”: • Interest • Skill you have

  16. How does it work? • Choose where: • Country • Region • City Read about the options Contact the organizations you like

  17. Volunteering to Learn Z Street, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal PO Box 25076 Skype:volunteeringtolearn

  18. V2L goals: Our organization builds on the belief that mutual understanding is at the heart of improved relations across communities, cultures, nations, and religions. Our goal is to provide volunteering opportunities in Nepal that make it possible for both hosts and visitors to learn. Whatever your interests – language, culture, economics, agriculture, forestry, flora and fauna, history, sustainability, appropriate technology, community organization, leadership, entrepreneurship, children, women, human rights – we can place you with organizations, communities and families that will enrich your understanding of Nepal while also giving you opportunities to learn more specific skills and knowledge.

  19. How does it work? • Choose a project focus: • Organic farming • Orphanages • Schools • Women’s Groups • Environmental Groups • Choose “what”: • WHEN you want to travel • WHERE in NEPAL you want to travel • HOW LONG you want to participate in

  20. What will it cost? € 200 = $274 as of 2/03/13

  21. What it looks like:

  22. What it looks like:

  23. BVP seeks to meet the training needs of Burmese civil society organizations operating along the Thailand-Burma border. Our goal is to fill a critical void between organizations along the border and people who wish to contribute their knowledge and expertise to build a more just, democratic Burma. Contact Info:

  24. What they do: BVP works with numerous groups along the Thailand-Burma border that request foreign volunteers to help build their capacity. BVP placements include working with ethnic and women’s groups, news and political organizations, adult learning centers and community based organizations (CBOs). BVP volunteers work in numerous capacities at their placements. Volunteers are primarily involved with teaching English language classes however some placements request that volunteers teach social sciences, history, computer skills, and human rights. At various placements, BVP volunteers assist with grant writing, organizational development and report writing.

  25. Learn Spanish & Discover South America! ECELA

  26. ECELA’s goals: Here at ECELA accommodation, activities, excursions and ongoing support are coordinated by our dedicated and friendly staff. Spanish Courses:Experienced, fun-loving teachers, 12 levels, Mini-groups of 3-7, start dates every Monday all year round!Housing: High standards, careful selection of home stays, school run apartments, or connections with local hostelsMulti-City Spanish Program: Closely integrated Spanish curriculum and servicesActivities and Excursions:Full calendar of optional social and cultural events and outdoor sportsWork Experience:Medical shadowing, volunteer work, and internships in Chile; Social service volunteer work in Peru

  27. What will it cost? Classes:

  28. What will it cost? Housing:

  29. What it looks like:

  30. Fund for Teachers 2000 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77056

  31. How does it work? • Go to the Fund For Teachers website on October 1, 2014 to begin an application for an individual or team. • Complete the application by outlining the specifics of your trip. • Submit the application by the deadline, usually towards the end of January.

  32. What it looks like: • Cover Sheet • Proposal: • Fellowship Rationale and Purpose • Project description • Teacher Growth and Learning • Student Growth and Learning • Benefits to School Community • Plan for Fellowship Implementation • Budget Narrative • Itemized Budget

  33. Please ask for contact information if you would like to connect with them on your experience.

  34. Organizations that support refugees in various countries:

  35. Organizations that support refugees in various countries: Doctor’s Without Borders

  36. Questions??