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Curation the Easy, Free, Meaningful Way PowerPoint Presentation
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Curation the Easy, Free, Meaningful Way

Curation the Easy, Free, Meaningful Way

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Curation the Easy, Free, Meaningful Way

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  1. Phyllis Snipes, O.P. Cooper, Dawn Putney University of West Georgia School Library Media Program Curation the Easy, Free, Meaningful Way

  2. CURATION “An exciting new genre of search tool, a tool for scanning the real-time environment, as well as opportunities for evaluating quality and relevance in emerging information landscapes” Valenza (2011)

  3. Curation is not just a collection of websites and videos and tweets on a specific topic… • It’s a marriage of content and standards and objectives and literacies

  4. Historical thoughts… • Wooden drawers (one entry point) • Online public access catalog for the collection (one entry point) • Search engines – google it! • Youtube and social networks • Variety of tools for aggregating data: wiki LibGuides, Google Sites, Library catalog

  5. Digital curators can prevent oversaturation by filtering and diverting the onslaught and by directing what is worth sharing into more gentle and continuous streams. (Valenza)

  6. Curation comes up when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community of learners. Human filters make a difference. Librarians can be filters in the best sense of the word. Librarians can synchronize communities. • Curators make sense of the vast amounts of content that are continually produced. They are talented at scouting, identifying relevance, evaluating, classifying, organizing, and presenting aggregated content for a targeted audience. This is the librarian!!! • (Valenza, 2014)

  7. Aggregation The act of curating the most relevant information about a particular topic into a single location (Bhargava, 2010) • Valenza: arranging online tools and resources in school library websites so they are available in one location

  8. Distillation The act of curating information into a more simplistic format where only the most important or relevant ideas are shared (Bhargava, 2011) • Valenza: extracting pertinent information and synthesizing it into a concise format

  9. Elevation Refers to curation with a mission of identifying a larger trend or insight from smaller daily musings posted online (Bhargava, 2011) • Valenza: browsing the most current research literature through social media (RSS feeds, blogs, social networking, etc.)

  10. Mashups Unique curated juxtapositions where merging existing content is used to create a new point of view (Bhargava, 2011) • Valenza: combining media to create new ideas

  11. Chronology A form of curation that brings together historical information organized based on time to show an evolving understanding of a particular topic(Bhargava, 2011) • Valenza: developing personalized guides on the Web to manage information

  12. Valenza on curation: Librarians are uniquely poised to curate! • • Support teachers with their graduate research needs • Assist second graders in their quest to master division • Guide seniors in their study of Shakespeare • Provide access to primary source documentrs Curation is the new search method!!!

  13. Curation web 2.0 tool examples • • LiveBinders • Delicious • • ScoopIt • LibGuides

  14. Creation vs. Curation • It's important to remember that curation can't exist without creation. (Rosenbaum, 2010)

  15. SURVEY: LM_NET & Ga Listserv Results are in!

  16. Follow interesting boards! Create boards to share!

  17. Pinterest ideas • Book fair themes • Bulletin board ideas • iPad apps • Lesson ideas • Search portal • Personal uses

  18. Sqworl Great for sharing Pathfinders with both students and faculty

  19. Pearltrees Organize, explore web pages, files, photos, notes --- and Collaborate!

  20. Evernote Capture experiences and retrieve from anywhere using any of your devices: keyboard, camera, post-it notes, email, geo-tagging through atlas, simultaneous searching, voice through phone – say it, don’t type it! *** Use as notebook for coursework

  21. Create your own personal desktop: Websites, search widget, title search with click & drag, and webmix feature.

  22. Learnist Curated web, print, and video content covering tens-of-thousands of topics – crowdsourced collections

  23. RebelMouse Individuals, marketers and publishers can brand and publish information on a social conversation platform

  24. Scoop.it Find information of interest, scoop it up and personalize it, then publish to your social networks

  25. Great tool for creating and finding lists of people, places, apps, media, resources, and all sorts of “things”

  26. Keeeb Save, organize, and share information from the web – personal projects can remain private or be shared – unlimited space for uploading

  27. Curation Defined •

  28. 55 Content Curation Tools to Discover & Share Digital Content (te@chthought)

  29. Comparison of Curation Sites SocialCompare

  30. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms YOUBRAND