implementing cep with soa n.
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Implementing CEP with SOA PowerPoint Presentation
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Implementing CEP with SOA

Implementing CEP with SOA

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Implementing CEP with SOA

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  1. Implementing CEP with SOA

  2. Objective: Introduce and Stimulate Thinking • Some Event Basics • The Union of CEP and SOA • Application Examples Challenges: Definitions Architectural clarity Interfaces Appropriateness

  3. Introduction David Cameron Vice President, Product Integration AptSoft Corporation 781.270.4900 x102

  4. Agenda • Events and CEP Overview • CEP and SOA Together • CEP Application Characteristics

  5. The Event Definition: If a tree falls in a forest… “A state change of note” Source:

  6. The Event Object Instantiation: An apple v. a picture of an apple… “A[n] [electronic] representation of an event with information about the event” v. Source: Source:

  7. The Event Context Context: Timing, sequence and relationships Source: Source: Source: “Event patterns”

  8. Developed at Stanford University in the mid-1990’s DARPA grant Theory of activity correlation and orchestration via new “Event Pattern | Condition | Action” paradigm “The goal of CEP is to enable the information contained in the events flowing through all of the layers of the enterprise IT infrastructure to be discovered, understood in terms of its impact on high level management goals and business processes, and acted upon in real time.” Professor David Luckham Stanford University CEP: Correlation and Orchestration

  9. CEP: Correlation and Orchestration Context-sensitive… …non-linear event patterns… …trigger follow-up activity. Event Pattern | Condition | Action (ECA) Block

  10. CEP: Correlation and Orchestration Event Pattern Condition Action Business Step Event Pattern Condition Action

  11. Agenda • Events and CEP Overview • CEP and SOA Together • CEP Application Characteristics

  12. Networks Correlation AND Event Decisioning, Process Flow and Monitoring Event Cloud Databases Non-Services Complex Event Processing Services Event Service People Applications Devices Event-driven Applications and CEP • Enable a more sophisticated type of event-driven application • Enable hybrid applications involving synchronous and asynchronous processing.

  13. CEP Functionality Event Generation Aggregate Events Ad-hoc Streams EventFlows Context Correlation Non-event Detection The Added-value of CEP

  14. Agenda • Events and CEP Overview • CEP and SOA Together • CEP Application Characteristics

  15. Event-driven Applications and CEP • Business Process Management (BPM) • Business Rules Engines (BRE) • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Unpredictable, non-linear process flow Dynamic processing logic Time-sensitive, closed loop processing Expense Report Approval v. Ramp Operations Automation Fraud Prevention Risk Management Compliance Verification Customer Service Customer Acquisition Cross-sell and more!