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draining in your hands PowerPoint Presentation
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draining in your hands

draining in your hands

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draining in your hands

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  1. draining in your hands

  2. mesodrainersystem technology • MesodrainerTM System is a electro draining device that through low frequency currents with different parameters produces isometriccontractions of the muscular groups and activates, through pumping, venous and lymphatic circulation. • Included high conductivity gloves. • The high conductivity gloves ease the task of the therapist giving precision in the draining manoeuvres. • The type of waves are totally safe and harmless to the body. • It is applied through precise, gentle, superficial and rhythmical manoeuvres.

  3. mesodrainersystem Effects • On the muscle: FIRMING and TONING effect • On the subcutaneous cellular tissue: Eases LIQUID MOBILISATION and REABSORCION. • On circulatory system : Eases the return CIRCULATION (pumping effect). THIS THERAPEUTICAL METHOD DESCONGESTS, UNBLOCKS and READDRESSES THE LYMPH FLUX THROUGH THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

  4. mesodrainersystem Treatment programs • Mesodrainer™ System is a versatile device that includes different programs. • Treatment programs: • Body Drainer: body lymphatic draining. • Ultra Drainer: deep venous-lymphatic draining. • Lipo Drainer: cellulitis and localized fat. • Body D-Contract: muscular relaxant. • Facial Drainer: facial lymphatic draining. • Facial Lift: facial firming. • It consists of 4 gels with specific formulations that allow to enhance the effect of the treatments.

  5. mesodrainer system Treatment programs Body drainer • General characteristics: • Produces a rhythmical contraction of the lymphatic vessels (pumping effect). • for applications therapeutics posteriores a ulna cirugía esthetical. • The body drainer treatment works jointly with the use of Body drainer active gel, that ensures the correct transmission of the impulses. • Composition: • Organic silicon • Glycolic extract of ruscus rhizome • Troxerutine • Escine

  6. mesodrainersystem Treatment programs Ultra drainer • General characteristics • Induces the emptying of large venous vessels, easing the return circulation. • Uses multiscanultradraining currents that carry out a scan of frequencies (multisweep) from 4 Hz until145 Hz. • The program is divided in two phases: • 1st phase: muscle contractions at low frequency that increase the lymphatic draining. • Progressively: Increase of frequency. Elimination of relaxation times between contractions, that are stronger every time, compressing the large venous vessels and emptying the lymph.

  7. mesodrainersystem Treatment programs Lipodrainer • General characteristics: • It produces an stimulation of the local metabolism, increasing the processes of nutritive replacement, both in the treated areas and also the nearby areas. • Stimulates the fat degradation of fat, which causes triglyceride release, to the bloodstream. • The lipo drainer treatment works jointly with the use of lipo drainer active gel, which ensures the correct transmission of the impulses. • composition: • Caffeine • L-carnitine • Organic • Iodotrate • elastin • Escine

  8. mesodrainer system Treatment programs Body D-contract • Produces a vibration on the contractured muscles and induces its relaxation, balancing the disorders that are present at mechanoreceptor level. • The Body D-contract treatment works jointly with the use of • Body drainer active gel, ensures the correct transmission of the impulses.

  9. mesodrainersystem Treatment programs Facial drainer • Eases the oxygenation of tissues, nutrients supply and the elimination of catabolites in the treated area. • Stimulate the activity of fibres, increasing the degree of hydration and permeability, ideal as complementary treatment of cutaneous revitalisation . • Coadjuvant in treatments of acne, rosacea and sensitive skin. • Recommended for reducing facial oedemas faciales, attenuation of puffy bags and reduction of saggy eyes. • The facial drainer treatment works jointly with the use of Facial drainer active gel. • Composition: • Organic silicon • Elastin • Natural Collagen Troxerutine

  10. mesodrainersystem Treatment programs Facial lift • General characteristics: • Improves the tonification of the facial musculature doing at the same time a trophic stimulation of the skin. • The bioelectrical effect generates a dermal stimulation, activating fibroblasts with el consequent increase of collagen and elastin. • The facial drainer treatment works jointly with the use of Facial lift active gel. • Composition: • DMAEtine • Ascorbil sodic phosphate • Natural collagen Elastin • Proteoglycans • Vegetal placenta

  11. mesodrainersystem Prior to treatment Phaseprior to mesodrainertratment Complete a clinical record (anamnesis) Alltherelevantdata will be collectedsuch as , habits, personal ortechnical (skintype, lesiontypes, associatedproblems) and anyfactorsrelatedtothedisorder.. Personalized diagnosis In ordertoadapttheapplicationprotocolbasedontheneeds of eachpatient Fillouttheinfrormedconsentform Involvingthepatientonthetreatmentprocess. Photographicregister Guaranteingan objetive assessment of theevolution of results. Control visits Itisimportanttocarryout control visitswithanadaptedperiodicitybasedonthe particular needs of each case.

  12. mesodrainersystem Recommendations • The stimuli carried out must be light , superficial and gradual to ease the liquid movement. • Start the treatments with low intensities and increasing them over the sessions based on the patient´s sensitivity to the biometrical impulses. • Keep a register of the maximum intensity tolerated by each patient. • Decrease the intensity of the treatment, if necessary, in more sensitive areas such us Achilles' tendon, eye contour and forehead.

  13. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Protocol of applicationtreatmentmesodrainersystem Phase opcional: preparation of theskin Mesopeel Body and facial treatment Glycolicacid + vit. E&F Facial treatment Pre-treatment Pre-treatment Improvesthecutaneouspermeability. Dermopeelings line toincreasepermeability. Purifyingfacemask Facial treatment Pre-treatment Descaling and purifying facial mask.

  14. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Phase 1: preparation of the zona In facial treatments , clean and tone up with hydra milk cleanser andhydratonic. In body treatments, degrease with professional degreasing lotion.

  15. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Phase 2: ganglionopening Stimulation of the main ganglion chains (deep, mid and terminal). Afterwards, ganglion centres close to the area to be treated will be stimulated. It is applied dry and without electrical stimulation. Phase 3: device programming Select the treatment parameters to be used. (program, time and intensity).

  16. mesodrainer system Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Application protocol of mesodrainer system treatment Phase 4: placingthegloves It is necessary to use the conducting gloves of the device*. As a safety measure, we will use an isolating glove underneath. (*) The gloves can be used for 100 treatments approximately.. Phase 5:application of gel Application of the specific conducting gel conductor specific in the area to be treated.

  17. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainersystem programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Phase 6: Manual technique • Conducting the massage respecting basic draining criteria: • division of segments: technique from proximal to distal • three areas: internal, middle and external. • cycles of 5 contractions • dragging manoeuvres from distal to proximal Phase 7: personalization Personalization of treatment: adjusting manoeuvres based on the needs of the patient. Depending on the area to be treated it may be necessary to modify the intensity of the treatment.

  18. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Phase 8:Completion Remove any remaining conducting gel. All treatments may be supplemented with the application of a mask and a cream of completion according to the therapy purpose.

  19. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Phase 9:prescription The choice of the most suitable product is very important to for the home maintenance to keep the results obtained during the treatment in cabin sessions.

  20. mesodrainersystem Application protocol of mesodrainer system programmes Applicationprotocol of mesodrainersystemtreatment Cycles of treatment • Facial treatments: • 6 sessions minimum • Once a week • 20 minutes • Body treatments: • 10/12 sessions • Twice a week • 30-60 minutes

  21. mesodrainersystem Precautions and Contraindications • Contraindicated in individuals that carry a cardiac pacemaker or present cardiac arrhythmias or oedemas due to severe cardiac insufficiency. • Avoid cardiac area between the conducting gloves. • Carry out exclusively over healthy skin. • Do not apply over metallic prosthesis. • Phlebitis, embolism and recent thrombophlebitis. • Dermatological diseases . • Pregnancy. • Acute inflammatory processes. • Avoid areas close to DIU.

  22. mesodrainersystem Device advantages

  23. SmartPL™ FAQ’s – mesodrainer system 1. Whyisthecorrectoperation of thelymphatic and circulatorysystem so important? It is essential that there is a balance on the elimination of retained liquids because oedema is the main factor of all alterations on the silhouette. 2. What sensations may be the patient experience during the session of treatment? The sensation may vary depending on the treated area, the intensity used on the patient sensitivity threshold. There is usually a tingling sensation in the area where the glove is applied or clear muscular contractions when they gloves are left on the musculature insert fix points.

  24. SmartPL™ FAQ’s – mesodrainer system • 3. What are the main applications of mesodrainer as complementary technology to other treatments? • As preparation: in cases of facial and body, anti-aging and acne treatments. • As treatment alone: cycles of six to twelve consecutive sessions once or twice a week. • As optimization: carrying out combined protocols with other techniques. • As maintenance.

  25. SmartPL™ FAQ’s – mesodrainer system 4. Which are thepossiblerecommendedcombinationswithmesodrainersystem?

  26. SmartPL™ FAQ’s – mesodrainer system • 5. What effects does the mesodrainer system treatment produce? • According to the chosen program and the used intensity; enhances draining conventional lymphatic effect, as well as reduce the therapist physical efforts. • As benefits for the patient, we can mention: • draining effect • Neurovegetative effect • Effects on the musculature • Inmune effects • 6. What kind of care is it advisable to maintain the material in good shape? • It is recommended to wash the conducting gloves immediately after its use, avoiding aggressive products, excessively hot water and the tumble drier. • The gloves can be used approximately 100 times. It is advisable that they are kept unipersonally. • In relation to the kit structure it is advisable to wash it with a towel or some mild product to get rid of the remaining conductor gel.