gross motor development n.
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  1. GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT Presented By Joshua Weier

  2. GROSS MOTOR • Gross motor development is due to physical and neural advances as well as the opportunity and encouragement to practise these skills (Hoffnung, M. et al., 2010). • He showed dominance of his right hand and leg when doing activities such as kicking, throwing, drawing, writing etc. • Showed successful crossing of the midline which is crucial for motor and gross motor development. • Showed good hand eye coordination. • Catch the ball in his arms which is at beginners level, therefore has to practise more to be able to catch the ball in his hands. • Walked in upright posture with heel strike foot flat pattern and with a relaxed oppositional arm swing

  3. GROSS MOTOR • Showed gross motor development in the following stages of motor development: Postural control-sitting still keeping his body erect and in a balanced position Dynamic postural stability-jumping on his trampoline Equilibrium reactions- ability to kick the ball fluidly without stopping and while it was moving. Equilibrium reactions in standing typically emerge between 12 and 21 months and are fully mature by age 4. Calibration skills-judging the distance from the ball and how much force to kick it with Static postural stability-sitting still keeping his body erect and in a balanced position (Cronin, 2004)

  4. GROSS MOTOR • Strengths- kicking, throwing, running, walking, jumping. • Weakness- Catching (needs to practise so he can catch the ball in his hands which is at the advanced level). • From observing Lucas it can be seen that he has outstanding gross motor development for his age (4 years old) • He has had a lot of practise from his family which is evident from his skills • Lucas was enthusiastic to try new things and activities during the observation. This lack of shyness will help him throughout his life as he will be able to partake in activities allowing him to learn new skills. • Overall it can be said that Lucas has the gross motor development of a 5 year old even though his only 4 years old.

  5. REFERENCES • Hoffnung, M. et al. (2010). Lifespan Development. John Wiley & Sons: Milton, Queensland • Cronin, A., Mandich, M. (2004). "Human Development and Performance Throughout the Lifespan." 1: 177-197.