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Letters Home from Yosemite PowerPoint Presentation
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Letters Home from Yosemite

Letters Home from Yosemite

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Letters Home from Yosemite

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  1. ? ? Rate the words as you come in. Do you know how to say the word? What it means? How to put it in a sentence? ? ? ? ? + + +

  2. Letters Home from Yosemite

  3. Letters Home from Yosemite Lisa Halvorsen visits Yosemite National Park and write short postcard blurbs about her adventure. She covers the history of park, its flora and fauna, and some geology as well.

  4. Reading Goal This week you will identify main ideas in the text using supporting details.

  5. Why do we read? To be informed To follow directions To be entertained

  6. We will be doing… • Fluency • Adventures in Writing • Student Test • Team Score Sheets • During the day, put your scores on the Team Score Sheets • Let me assign numbered heads!

  7. Team Cooperation GoalComplete tasks

  8. Title: Letters Home from Yosemite Reading Goal: Main Idea and supporting details Team Cooperation Goal: Completing Tasks Genre: Expository Author: Lisa Halvorsen

  9. scenery Outdoor views The scenery at the top of the Mountain was amazing with all of the outdoor views.

  10. wilderness Land where no people live Sometimes bears Come out of the Wilderness and take food from our trash cans.

  11. preserve Keep safe I found an Indian Arrowhead in the ground and Dad told me to preserve it.

  12. graze Blend “Horses and cows graze, not people,” the baby’s Mother Said when he tried to eat grass.

  13. swooping Rushing down At the beach seagulls were swooping down To steal our French fries.

  14. precious Costly Jeremy accidently Broke his grandmother’s precious antique clock.

  15. Review Vocabulary with Partner • Can you say it? • Can you define it? • Can you say it in a sentence?

  16. Vocabulary Vault

  17. Main Idea and Supporting Details TPS What is your favorite TV show? Talk about who the main characters are. What time is it on? What channel is it on?

  18. Reading Goal Main idea What your favorite show is. Supporting details Time, characters, channel Today you will be looking for main idea and supporting details.

  19. Reading Goal What important information is the author trying to tell me? What is the passage about?

  20. Trees aren’t just beautiful, big plants. Trees take the gases we breathe out and turn them into oxygen for us. Without oxygen we can’t live. They provide shad when it is hot. They keep the soil from washing away when it rains so other plants have a place to grow. Trees also provide food and shelter for birds, bugs, and other animals. We use them for fuel, for paper, and for wood to build things too.

  21. Mickey Mantle was the greatest baseball player in history. He took the New York Yankees to the World Series twelve times in eighteen years. The switch hitter was signed to the team right out of high school. He made the jersey #7 famous with his huge home runs. He still holds the record for being the only person to hit a ball over the left field bleachers at Griffith Stadium in a regular season game in its thirty-two year history. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame on August 12, 1974. He was the best ballplayer that ever lived.

  22. From reading that passage I know that the author is a big Mickey Mantle fan. It is important for me, as a reader to figure out what are the real facts and the opinions. I know that a fact is something I can check. I also know that opinions are what the author thinks. I can verify that Mickey Mantle was a member of the New York Yankees, so that is a fact!

  23. Model, Think aloud. What is the passage about? What does the author want me to know about? The author wants me to know that trees aren’t just really pretty, big plants, but that they serve many purposes. They are necessary, because without trees many other plants and animals would die, including humans. The main idea of this passage is that trees are very important to life on the planet earth.

  24. Letters Home from Yosemite • This week you will pay close attention to the main idea of each section. • You will be reading an expository text. • You will be using the SQRRRL process • Survey, Question, Read and restate, Review, and learn

  25. 21 Plants Bite Back Richard Platt

  26. Flying Aces Plants Bite Back! I wonder what type of plants eat flies?

  27. Letters Home from Yosemite

  28. Vocabulary- Say It! glacier impressive naturalist preserve slopes species wilderness

  29. More Words to Know altitudes formations reservoir earthquake eruptions volcano

  30. glacier a great mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain or along a valley

  31. naturalist a person who studies living things

  32. impressive able to have a strong effect on the mind or feelings

  33. preserve to keep from harm or change; protect

  34. species a set of related living things that share certain characteristic and that can be interbred

  35. slopes and that goes up and down at an angle

  36. wilderness a wild region with few or no people living in it

  37. earthquake a shaking or shifting motion of Earth’s surface. It is caused by the sudden breaking of masses of rock along a fault.

  38. eruptions acts or processes of bursting or throwing forth

  39. volcano opening in Earth’s crust through which steam, ashes, and lava are forced out in periods of activity

  40. altitudes heights about Earth’s surface

  41. reservoir a place where water is collected and stored for use

  42. Preview the book • What is one questions you have after previewing the book? • Write this question in the space provided on your tree map.

  43. Letters Home from Yosemit

  44. Team Talk Questions • Why do you think 3.5 million people visit Yosemite every year? • How did Yosemite become a national park? • Which of the following is the main idea of the first part of Letters Home from Yosemite? • What can you conclude about Yosemite National Park from the Indian word yo’hem’iteh? Explain.

  45. Partner Read- 15 minutes • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you • Read and restate pages 118-120 • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words

  46. Tree Map • Decide as a group what the main idea was for each section • Provide at least 3 details to support your main idea

  47. Team Discussion-15minutes • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Team Talk procedures will be up! • Write answers to question 2 and 4

  48. Class Discussion • What words did your group clarify?

  49. Writing Adventures- 15 min Imagine you are visiting Yosemite National Park. Write a postcard to your friend telling him or her what kinds of things you saw and did.