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  1. Presented by Authorized Dealer

  2. What is Control4? • What Control4 Home Automation brings to builders? • What Control4 Home Automation means to your home buyers? • About Innovative and how we can help you and your clients build a smarter home!

  3. Welcome to the Digital, Smarter Home! Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort convenience and peace of mind – by making Everyday Easy! • Home Theater • Full control of Multi-Room Audio and Video • Home Automation • Comfort, Safety and Control of the Homes Electronics • Monitor Security System and Cameras Remotely • Whole Home Lighting and Automatic HVAC Control

  4. Control4 is a complete line of affordable wired and wireless home automation products, making safety, convenience, comfort and economy available to virtually any homeowner in America. • The Control4 system can be easily customized to meet each home owners unique lifestyles, and the modular nature of the products also enables customers to start small and add to their systems over time.

  5. Home Theater Home entertainment has never been this easy! • With a simple, easy-to-use remote, access an entire movie and digital music collection from anywhere in the home • Store everything in a central, out-of-the-way component location – your media library! • Access items stored on a DVR from any television on the system.

  6. Home Comfort • Control4 climate control products make automated temperature control a simple and affordable part of any Control4 home automation system. • Program the thermostat to know when someone is home. • A keypad near the door can also signal to the house that you’re leaving, and adjust the temperature accordingly. • Control4 can automate lights so they come on when needed and go off when they’re not. • Indoor lighting can use sensors to automatically turn off when no one is in the room. • Outdoor lighting can also be controlled – by motion sensors or programmed for sunset for safety and security.

  7. Application for Builders • Control4 is Everyday Easy • Easy to use. • Easy to understand. • Easy to maintain • It will not confuse or alienate prospective buyers or create installation or service problems.

  8. Provide this Smart Home Option to your Buyers! • A smart technology that will bring profit to the homebuilder • Partner with Innovative in offering Control4 Automation for a smarter home and a happier client. • An ideal upgrade with a high possible margin. • Buyer will see that Control4 is easy and valuable as it improves the home’s aesthetics, emotional appeal, performs important functions, and is Eco Smart, too.

  9. Application for Builders Offering Control4 enables builders to: • Differentiate your homes • Increase value to the prospective buyer • Preserve some margin • Provide a possible incentive that improves the homes value, aesthetics and is intangible – and not a price cut!

  10. An Example from a builder in Alpharetta, GA Builder Sets Up Automated Model Home • They wanted a system installed in a Showcase Model home that displayed a large number of options that could be sold to new home buyers, yet be simple and reliable enough so that their sales staff could operate it easily and make their sales experience for the duration of the show better. • They enabled the scheduler feature to have scheduled events - showing the home ‘functioning’ on its own. Every 20 minutes or so, lighting levels reset, music play lists and volume was activated, and selected random, pre-recorded 1080i HD content for the TVs showcased. • You can also program the system to send an email to the sales office if the rack door is opened - to help prevent system changes being made.

  11. More than tens years experience of  unsurpassed customer service providing Home Entertainment and Home Control Solutions, as well as Managed IT Services, Business Phone Systems and Office Control Solutions. • One of a few select Control4 Dealers in Southern California • Control4 Authorized Dealers are uniquely trained and have achieved key training and experience requirements in Control4 products. • Innovative has a state-of-the-art, premiere, 10,000 square foot showroom in Chino, CA. • We have helped 100’s of home owners find the right solution for them. By choosing Innovative, you’re choosing Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.

  12. Control4 is an Everyday Easy, home automation system that presents an incredible opportunity to builders and buyers alike. Talk with Innovative about how you can offer Control4 in your homes. Call us today at: 909.287.7900