russian cuisine n.
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Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine

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Russian cuisine

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  1. Russian cuisine Мельникова Ольга Петровна МКОУ СОШ с. Первомайское Приморский край

  2. Russian cuisine is a collection of the different cooking traditions of the Russian people.

  3. Russian soups can be divided into at least seven large groups: Chilled soups based on kvass, such as tyurya, okroshka, and botvinya. Light soups and stews based on water and vegetables, such as swekolnik. Noodle soups with meat, mushrooms, or milk. Soups based on cabbage, most prominently shchi. Thick soups based on meat broth, with a salty-sour base like rassolnik and solyanka. Fish soups such as ukha. Grain- and vegetable-based soups.

  4. There is a great variety of different soups in Russia but the most famous is "borsch".

  5. Shchi (cabbage soup) had been the predominant first course in Russian cuisine for over a thousand years.

  6. Okroshkais a cold soup based on kvass or sour milk. Okroshkais also a salad.

  7. Kholodets (or Studen'): Jellied chopped pieces of pork or veal meat with some spices added (pepper, parsley, garlic, bay leaf) and minor amounts of vegetables (carrots, onions)

  8. Kotlety (minced cutlets, meatballs), a Western European dish popular in modern Russian households, are small pan-fried meat balls. Made primarily from pork and beef (sometimes also from chicken or fish), they are easily made and require little time.

  9. Shashlyk is popular in former Soviet Union countries, notably in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. It often features alternating slices of meat and onions.

  10. Vinegreta salad made of boiled beets, potatoes, carrots, pickles, onions, sauerkraut, and sometimes peas or white beans.

  11. Sel'd' pod shuboyalso known as "dressed herring", is chopped salted herring under a "coat" of shredded cooked beet, sometimes with a layer of egg or other vegetables.

  12. Russian people often eat pelmeni(meat dumplings) and vareniki. They are often cooked by the whole family.

  13. The most famous meat dishes in Russia are zharkoye (stewed beef with potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic seasoned with salt and pepper), beef Stroganoff (the dish consists of pieces of beef served in a sauce with sour cream). The main course is usually served with garnish — mashed, baked or fried potatoes, pasta or vegetables.

  14. Nothing can be compared with sirniki, made of fresh village cottage cheese and fried on a pan. They are usually served with sour cream and sugar.

  15. . In Russia they say that the thinner blini are made the tastier they are. Blini are served rolled with a variety of fillings but the most delicious ones are pancakes with jam, honey and sour cream.

  16. Blini are thin pancakes made with yeasted batter which are often served in connection with a religious rite or festival.

  17. Pirozhkiare small stuffed buns (pies) made of either yeast dough or short pastry.

  18. Russian drink is compote, kvas, kissel or mors. In old Russia there existed another popular drink — Medovukha which is derived from the word "honey" (in Russian it sounds as "mjod").

  19. It is worth saying that Russian cuisine is famous for its natural products. Russian people are fond of gathering, drying and using mushrooms and all kinds of forest berries in their dishes.

  20. 1. Do you like Russian cuisine? 2. What is your favourite cuisine? Why? 3. How often do you go to a restaurant? 4. What do you prefer to eat for breakfast? 5. What do you usually eat for dinner? 6. What is your favourite kind of soup? 7. Does your family usually gather together for dinner? 8. Are you good at cooking? 9. What traditional Russian dishes do you know? 10. Do you think it is important to keep our Russian cuisine traditions? Why?