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Basic Interviewing Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Interviewing Tips

Basic Interviewing Tips

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Basic Interviewing Tips

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  1. Basic Interviewing Tips Amber Hancharick, McKean County Instructor

  2. What is an Interview? • Meeting between an Employer and Applicant to Discuss a job. • Opportunity to present YOUR skills to an Employer. • Time used to convince an employer that you are right for the job. • Chance to evaluate the Employer and the select position.

  3. You got the interview, now what? • Research the company and industry. • Memorize a one-to-two minute commercial about yourself. • Be prepared for “dangerous” questions. • Practice Answers to some of the anticipated questions.

  4. Getting to the interview… • Never bring anyone along to the interview. • Bring enough money for gas, tolls, and public transportation. • Write down the managers name, department, address and phone number, so you will have it in case you need directions or are held up in traffic. • Plan to arrive 10 minutes early. • If you are going to be late, call the manager and let them know.

  5. First Impressions Count! • Get a good night’s sleep • Take a shower • Shampoo your hair • Brush your teeth • Use deodorant and antiperspirant • Use eye drops • Trim your nails

  6. More grooming tips… • Avoid strong perfume or cologne • Hair styles • Makeup • Shave • Body piercings • Avoid trendy fashions • Classic white-collar outfit

  7. Even more tips… • Check your clothes • Wear clean clothes • Avoid excessive jewelry • Avoid bright colors, loud fashions, and patterns that clash • Empty your pockets • Smile

  8. Enthusiasm is the key to a GREAT interview • Other tips • Be extra courteous • Offer a professional greeting • Show respect • Show that you are curious • Have a sense of humor

  9. More tips…. • Think “can do” • Let your body language do the talking • Show empathy • Have reason for wanting to work there • Participate in the conversation • Become a storyteller

  10. Be prepared at the interview • Bring several copies of your resume. • Put them in a manila envelope so they don’t get dirty • Bring a typed list with three personal references. • Include names, addresses, telephone numbers • Bring your social security card, work permits, visas, etc. • Bring a new notebook and pen that works to take notes and jot down your own questions.

  11. Interview Questions • All questions are designed to answer three important issues: • Can you do the job? • Will you do the work? • Are you cooperative?

  12. Yes, they will try to “psych” you out • Questions will be simple, but it’s your answers they are interested in. • Example: “How many different companies have you applied to?” • If you say only yours, it sounds confident and decisive. • The manager might hear that you are pinning all your hopes on one company, which means that you aren’t practical or realistic.

  13. Develop a 45 Second Opening Statement • This will help you relax when the manager says “Relax and tell me about yourself.” • First: Talk about your training, skills and accomplishments. • Second: Tell the manager that you are a hard worker and give examples to prove that. • Third: Mention that you are friendly, helpful, easily coached and you work well with people.

  14. What the Manager Does Not Want to See… • If they hire you, it will take a long time until you are productive. • You won’t put in an honest days work. • You’re lazy. • You’re not committed to the job and will most likely walk out. • You show a lack of pride.

  15. If you don’t ask questions, they might think that you are not interested… • Would you describe a typical workday and the things that I will be doing? • Which duties are the most important for this job? • How will I be trained? • How will I get feedback on my performance? • Please explain the opportunities for promotion or growth.

  16. At the End of the Interview… • Tell the manager if you are interested in the job. • Thank the manager for the time and the opportunity to discuss the position. • Offer a handshake. • Ask about the time frame for making a decision and if you should call back.

  17. Questions?