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Tropical Dry Forest/Tropical Rain Forest Biomes PowerPoint Presentation
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Tropical Dry Forest/Tropical Rain Forest Biomes

Tropical Dry Forest/Tropical Rain Forest Biomes

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Tropical Dry Forest/Tropical Rain Forest Biomes

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  1. Tropical Dry Forest/Tropical Rain Forest Biomes By Tim Roche and Morgan Frering

  2. Tropical Dry Forest

  3. Location • Tropical Dry Forests are north and south of the Equator. • The most known locations are parts of Africa, Central and South America, India, Australia, Mexico, and the Bolivian lowlands. • The forests are most diverse in Mexico and the Bolivian lowlands.

  4. Temperature • The temperatures in the Tropical Dry Forests are high all year round. • The average temperature is 23.4 degrees Celsius.

  5. Rainfall • The average rainfall is sufficient enough to promote growth of trees, but these trees and plant species must be able to withstand periods of low precipitation and moisture. • On average the Tropical Dry Forests receive 55mm of rain per year.

  6. Plants • Trees in the dry forest are often deciduous. • In order to survive, trees have thicker, more ridged bark, and deeper roots.

  7. Animals • Tropical Dry Forests have a diverse amount of animals. • Examples of herbivores are elephants, Indian rhinos, giraffes, and hog deer. • Other animals (carnivores and omnivores) include lizards, snakes, lions, tigers, and monkeys.

  8. Tropical Rainforest

  9. Location • Tropical Rainforests are found in parts of Central and South America. • They are also located in Africa, Madagascar, Inda, South-East Asia, Indonesia, and parts of New Zealand and Australia. • Tropical Rainforest only make up 6% of the Earth’s surface.

  10. Temperature • Tropical Rainforests have a small range of temperature, rarely going about 93 degree Fahrenheit and below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. • The average temperature is about 77 degrees.

  11. Rainfall • Rainforest belong to the tropical wet climate group. • The forests usually receive over one hundred inches of rainfall per year, sometimes reaches numbers of 265 inches of rain in one year.

  12. Plants • Tropical Rainforests have more species of trees than any other area in the world. • Scientists have counted about 100 to 300 species in just a 2 acre area. • Different rainforests can have different species of trees and plants in them.

  13. Animals • Many species of animal life can be found in the rainforest, as tropical rainforests have the most diverse and abundant mix of animals in the world. • Over 100 species of animal can be found in a 2 acre radius. • Some of the thousands of species found in the rainforest include: toucans, tigers, wild cats, butterflies, monkeys, toads, sloths, tarsiers, gorillas, tree frogs, orangutans, lizards, and snakes.