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Lucid dream guide - Empowered Labs PowerPoint Presentation
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Lucid dream guide - Empowered Labs

Lucid dream guide - Empowered Labs

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Lucid dream guide - Empowered Labs

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  1. Lucid Dream Guide – Empowered Labs Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  2. What is Lucid Dreaming? • Lucid dreaming is a state where in the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. Such a realization dawns when a person observes something unusual in his dreams and tries to probe into reality. • The awareness may or may not grant a person the power to control his or her dream. The absence of restrictions on actions in lucid dreams allows a person to do as he or she wishes and thus helps gain a deeper insight into reality. • It is a natural phenomenon that can arise spontaneously or willfully induced through training and technique. It is fairly easy to learn how to lucid dream and consistent practice will help you perfect the art of conscious dreaming. Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  3. Benefits of Lucid Dreaming • Lucid dreaming is a healthy and beneficial experience. In fact, it is has received a lot of support and positive response in recent times. Lucid dreaming is being used for a various practical purposes. • Psychologists use lucid dreams as a therapy to help persons cope with nightmares, trauma and phobias.  One is able to confront the fear or darkness in their subconscious directly and make peace with it. • Lucid dreams can also be used as a sandbox to prepare for nearly any life event.  Athletes, for example, use visualization to prepare their minds for the success they seek. Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  4. Lucid Dreaming Techniques • One of the most successful lucid dreaming techniques is the Wake Back to Bed or WBTB technique. To use this technique, you simply go to bed at your normal time, but instead of getting up when you usually do, set your alarm or have someone wake you up an hour before you normally do. • Wake Induced Lucid dreaming or WILD is another of the lucid dreaming techniques. It is considered the technique that creates the most vivid lucid dreams. This lucid dream technique utilizes the dream like, relaxed state that most people experience. • Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams or MILD is a different method of inducing lucid dreaming from the first two. This method is based on the method similar to mnemonic or memory learning. With this lucid dreaming technique, you train your brain to recognize dream aspects. • For Complete Lucid Dreaming Techniques Visit : Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  5. LucidView Dream Supplements for Lucid Dreaming Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  6. Lucidview Dream Supplement – Lucid Dream Supplement • Dreams are a portal to the unconscious or the ‘higher self’. They are doorways to unbounded realms of imagination. Having vivid dreams can be incredibly fun, healing and enlightening if we can really immerse ourselves in them. So, at Empowered Labs, we decided to create LucidView to reconnect people to their dreams. • If you are interested in exploring your consciousness through dreaming, this fuel will help you get there! The formula features Galantamine which is the most powerful dreaming supplement. • The formula also contains Alpha GPC, which is a powerful choline source. Choline is an essential nutrient that has been shown to increase memory, mental stamina, and dream recollection. • Turn your forgotten nights into adventure and self discovery. Connect with your greatest source of awareness and creativity. Unleash your imagination and pick up LucidView today! Copyright Empowered Labs 2012

  7. THANK YOU…!!! Empowered Labs Email Us: Contact Us: 512-296-1192 Copyright Empowered Labs 2012