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Lucid Dreaming

This Powerpoint presentation is based on lucid dreaming, it's techniques and the factors related to it.

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Lucid Dreaming

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  1. Lucid Dreaming Abhishek Email id: abhishekeditsoft@gmail.com Website

  2. What is lucid dreaming? • Phenomenon in which the dreamer becomes aware that he/she is dreaming and has the potential to influence or control everything that happens in dream • Benefits in increasing creativity and aiding in problem solving • Provides an opportunity to practice new skills while in a dream state • Allows you to access your innermost creative state and be in complete control of it

  3. Types of lucid dreams • Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming (DILD) • Occurs when the dreamer is in the middle of a dream and instantly realizes of dreaming • Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming • Dreamer directly goes from waking state to lucid dreaming state

  4. Lucid Dreaming Techniques • Perform reality checks throughout the waking day • Regular meditation during day or night • Maintain a dream journal or diary • Write at least one dream in your dream journal daily • Systematically train your mind for lucid dreaming • Lucid dream inducer like dream herbs (e.g., red spider lily)

  5. Occurrence of lucid dream There are four stages of sleep • Non-rapid eye movement sleep stage 1 • Non-rapid eye movement sleep stage 2 • Non-rapid eye movement sleep stage 3 & 4 • Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep Lucid dreaming occurs during REM sleep

  6. Interpretation of dreams • Falling dream – Implies failure after success • Dream of being chased - Implies feeling threatened • Dream of food – Symbolizes knowledge • Dream of demons – Signifies retained/oppressed emotions • Dream of money – Symbolizes self worth • Dream of being trapped – Reflects inability to escape from a situation

  7. Lucid dreaming facts…..1/3 • Lucid dreams can quickly convert into night terrors • Night terrors are the episodes of • Screaming • Intense fear • Swinging wildly during sleep • It is a form of sleep disorder

  8. Lucid dreaming facts…..2/3 • Binaural beats help in inducing Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams • Binaural beats are phenomenon of auditory illusion • Effects of binaural beats: • Physical and mental relaxation • Visual and audial hypnagogia • Conscious awareness of emerging dream scenes

  9. Lucid dreaming facts…..3/3 • Sleep mask is a great way to start lucid dreaming • Effect of sleep masks: • Balances circadian rhythms • Improves dream recall • Triggers lucidity through false awakenings • Meditation during daylight

  10. Stabilizing Techniques • While in lucid dreaming, it is important to stabilize yourself • Following instructions can be followed to stabilize lucid dream • Study the details of palms and notice changes if any • Feel the friction by rubbing hands • Scream or shout few words • Feel the sensation of movement by spinning around

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