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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreams

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  1. Lucid Dreams Jin Kwon Block A Psychology

  2. A dream where the dreamer knows that he/she is dreaming Through this experience they can actively participate in making dimensions in the dream world What are Lucid Dreams? • Lucid Dreams can feel extremely real depending on how aware you are of what you’re doing and how

  3. There are 2 common ways in which you can initiate a lucid dream, although there are more. DILD (Dream Initiated Lucid Dream) WILD (Wake initiated lucid dream) How do you dream them?

  4. A dream initiated lucid dream (DILD) starts in the following manner: The dreamer starts dreaming a normal dream, until he/she realizes that he/she is conscious and that they are dreaming, therefore they are able to make their decisions due to the extent of their consciousness DILD

  5. Waking Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD) occur in the following manner: The dreamer transcends from the waking state into the dreaming state directly. This means that he/she does not go through the stage of altered consciousness. WILD • The consciousness/awareness that he/she possesses in the waking state is never altered • Therefore the consciousness/awareness that he/she possesses is directly transferred from the waking state into the dreaming state

  6. Reality Tests – These are methods of checking if you are really dreaming or not. These tests are actions that you can carry out and observe if they are possible or not, and what outcomes are rational. Dream Signs – Common themes that occur in your dreams and identifying them How do I know I’m Lucid Dreaming?

  7. A Few reality tests: The Pinch-nose test: If you can breath without your mouth and blocking your nose, it’s obviously a dream. Glance once at your watch and then a second time. If it is a dream the time will not be logical, even unrecognizable characters will appear on watches. Mirrors: Reflections in mirrors have the potential to be blurry, unclear, distorted, or frightening. This realization helps the mind realize that they are in a dream. If your finger can go through your palm, it is obviously a dream Reality Tests

  8. Re-occurring themes in dreams may include: Falling Flying Having sex Seeing with your eyes closed Jumping unreasonable heights Dream Signs

  9. Lucid dreams can be used to help people deal better with nightmares The ability to take control of your actions helps you realize that you are only in a dream Other Interesting Facts • The amount time that passes may vary from dreamer to dreamer • Wet dreams – Dreams of having sex • Out-of body experiences – dreaming from a third person point of view • Possible dream signs include breathing water and seeing dead people