using lucid control usb io modules is absolutely n.
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Lucid Control USB IO Module

Lucid Control USB IO Module

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Lucid Control USB IO Module

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  1. Using Lucid Control USB IO modules is absolutely straightforward. Utilizing the provided command line tool, the Java and the Python API give full access to all functions of the modules where it does not matter how many devices are connected to the computer.

  2. Cost Effective and Easy to Use Control Devices All Lucid Control USB IO modules are controlled by using the same software which makes working with the modules extremely simple. Once a module is connected to the computer it starts working immediately.Lucid Control needs only to be connected to a computer via Universal Serial Bus. The power required by the devices is supplied by USB what makes the modules most cost effective since no additional components like power supplies or adapters needed. Industrial Ready Design for a Lowest Costs Providing high reliable industry standard connectors in combination with the possibility to fit the modules on DIN-Rails make Lucid Control a perfect solution for automation projects and switch cabinets.

  3. CONTROLLING, LOGGING AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM Lucid Control USB IO modules are useful for many automation projects. When signals have to be acquired or generated e.g. in the factory floor automation section, the modules can be employed in order to control fans, lawn sprinklers or other power loads. This makes it easy to build e.g. time switches or much more complicated systems which for example measures and logs temperature and humidity.

  4. Lucid Control USB IO Module Web Demonstration The application below allows controlling a live demonstration in our office where you can switch lights on and off. Even if switching lights on and off isn’t that exciting I’m sure you have many better ideas what you want to control – maybe: 1. Dim lights or LEDs instead of switching only 2. Control your heating, switch it off when the sun begins to shine and build your own energy system 3. Measure the temperature of your potable water 4. Measure voltages from a wind sensor 5. Get pulses from a water flow sensor All these are very common tasks which can be solved with our components.

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