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Alternate R ealities The Lucid dreamer PowerPoint Presentation
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Alternate R ealities The Lucid dreamer

Alternate R ealities The Lucid dreamer

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Alternate R ealities The Lucid dreamer

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  1. Alternate Realities The Lucid dreamer • I’ve drifted through time or I would say alternate states of reality in my dreams. At the time this was all happening I had no idea what my dreams were about I just wrote them down in a dream log about 8 years worth of logging. Years later I’ve been able to put the pieces together to the point where the dreams have some meaning that makes sense on one level or another. The thing I find interesting about (is) my lucid dream state is that I was trying to figure out what something else was trying to tell me.

  2. Then when I was able to become conscious enough to realize I was getting outside influences from within my dream started looking at the dreams in more of a symbolic or metaphoric content, but that was not the end of it.

  3. Over these long years of trying to figure out what my own psyche or something else was telling me I finally realized that I was seeing some kind of alternate realities for lack of a better way to define the experience.

  4. In these various realities I’ve been a vampire that lives in a castle in a grave yard with a male partner. In the dream I am extremely aware of my other self. I am observing my own life as someone else. I watched as the two feed off each other because there was a shortage of food. She sees me and speaks to me and I have the same experience. Although I am not on her physical plane we are connect mentally, and emotionally she gives me advise about thing of the hart or in my hart and we exchange comfort to one another. I feel empathy for her and I’ve visited during other feeding sessions that where more bountiful but she always stopped whatever she was doing to spend time with me and I’ve never felt threatened outside our first encounter when the visit was a bit much. I also learned they lived in a graveyard because of the symbols there and the hollowed ground It keeps them safe from the zombies out side the gates. For some reason there world has changed and they are no longer able to feed like they used to because the zombies are there enemies.

  5. In another world I was an everyday Jane that was institutionalized during a great war and then let go. I am released only when I agreed to became some kind of high priced prostitute. I was selected because I had minimal or no contaminants that were affecting the people of earth at the time.

  6. Another dream along a similar dark scenario if one choses to look at these states of existence as dark or light, there are outer world people or beings buying earthlings. Some people chose to live as property and almost throw themselves at the auctioneers to prevent them selves from the hardships on the planet.

  7. More interesting though are the others that choice not to be slaves or are to defective so they have it bad and become subject to a lousy fate of starvation, sickness and war. Even so they make a go of it at an attempt for self-preservation. And whatever freedom is left to be had on the planet.

  8. In this world I am a spiritual singer and my voice brings healing, comfort, and understanding to the confused, and those who need consoled and things of that nature. I have powers in this dream world that when used displayed color, sound, and light. Here I am a force of nature chosen by Mother Earth as a kind of high priestess.

  9. I am also a warrior in the future of a dream where I protect children from dark forces. in the form of some kind of military enforcement. Everything is dark and has earthy tones. The world is full of greys ,browns ,black , and whatever green or blue there are is also dark in color. It seems to always be night in this particular reality. I get to see myself get older and make various choices throughout my life. In this world thing s don’t turn out for the better. Everything is crap. In this reality or dream I am always trying to survive under the most harsh circumstances and I am unsuccessful in protecting the children from the dark forces.

  10. The last reality I experienced is a dream I really enjoy. In this dream I exist only to meditate and enjoy the fruits and elements and bounty of nature. Mountains, water falls, lakes, rivers, birds, and the clouds in the sky. All of this beauty in a space designed according to my astrological sign, needs and spiritual gifts. In my lucid dream state I am able to observe myself be totally fulfilled and content . I realize after a few visits and was told by my alternate self that I get what I need in other worlds from this one. I am aware in my dream that the reality I’m in helps me on all other panes of existence to be able to deal with more harsher reality’s. My perception was that the energy form that world pulls in the energy from the cosmos and balances my auras, chakras and karmas so that I can continue to exists with the freedom of choice. Don’t ask me how it works though I know it does .I am aware I the dream I was bequeathed the info and for that I feel kind of honored every time I see the other me on a mountain or in a waterfall.

  11. The best thing about the dreams is getting to actually see them lead me someplace even if that takes a while. Next I hope to be able to map my dreams and be more deliberate about things I want to do, achieve or know in this dream world. One thing I’d like to know is who’s dreaming up who?