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Terracotta warriors! PowerPoint Presentation
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Terracotta warriors!

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Terracotta warriors!
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Terracotta warriors!

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  1. Terracotta warriors! What are they???

  2. Terracotta warriors are a clay army of more than 8,000 life-size terracotta figures of soldiers. The Terracotta Army is now regarded as the 8th Wonder of the World. These genuine clay warrior statues are reproduced actually based on the real soldiers of the Terracotta Army!

  3. Did you know??? • Despite being buried for over two thousand years, the military weapons still glitter and their edges are as sharp as of before. The head arms legs and torsos were created separately and then assembled.

  4. The terracotta army was discovered on 29th of march 1974 by a group of farmers when digging out a water well.

  5. Name • The Terracotta warriors are actually called the Terracotta warriors and horses

  6. What they are made of! • The Terracotta Army was made of yellow clay, which is mainly composed of silicon oxide, aluminium oxide, ferric oxide, has the same structure and texture with Qin's eave tile. But the source of clay are not the same for making warriors and horses.

  7. Paint on terracotta warriors • The Terracotta Warriors were once painted. Today only a handful of statues contain small amounts of paint. Also notice the detail put into the soles of the warrior's shoes. Researchers say that after the statues were made they were given a undercoat then painted with bright pigments like red, orange, yellow, brown, pink, blue, green and purple. Red and green were the main colours used.

  8. Terracotta warriors • The State Council authorized to build a museum on site in 1975. When completed, people from far and near came to visit. The Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses have become landmarks on all visitors' itinerary.

  9. That is what they are!!! Thanx you for listening. I hope u understand them now that I have told u about them