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Marketing Promotions PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Promotions

Marketing Promotions

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Marketing Promotions

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  1. MarketingPromotions Instructed by Kim Gatson

  2. Referral Contact Schedule • Potential Referral Agents *Introduction: email or printed flyer *Ongoing: send agent distribution lists an e-flyer and e-newsletter.

  3. Referral Contact Schedule *Prior to Inspection: Confirm inspections with a call or email *Email agent Pre-inspection agreement and Inspection Guide to forward to their clients before inspection. *Post inspection: follow up with Buyers Agent with a hand written thank you note and e-mail the link for your web based review. Listing Agent : follow up send an email or letter and a brochure about prelisting and buyers inspections. Add both agents to your e-mail distribution list.

  4. 11 Steps to Building Relationships People hire those they trust more than people they like Anticipate client problems and defuse them in advance Listen and read between the lines Be a resource for your client Build bridges not barriers Be a creative problem solver

  5. 11 Steps to Building Relationships Be available when things are going well and when they aren’t Know your clients’ business, goals, objectives, needs, frustrations and desires Create a team spirit, a spirit of cooperation Learn from failure, mistakes, adversity Understand that relationships are either getting better or worse * Steps from the book: Your 1st Year in Sales by Tim Connor

  6. Promoting Yourself as Safe • When selling to female agents, demonstrate your “safeness”… Salute your family Appropriate boundaries Friendly but never flirty Eyes in place * Matching energy levels with agents is also helpful

  7. Marketing Layers Build Relationships • Daily marketing activities are key to success • Layer 1: E-mail flyer or e-newsletter • Layer 2: Attend open houses with goodies • Layer 3: Set meeting with office manager • Layer 4: Bring a theme basket by office • Layer 5: Present a PowerPoint at a meeting • Layer 6: Post a great testimonial on your site • Layer 7: Host a booth at a Real Estate Expo • Layer 8: Attend a Board of Realtors cookout

  8. Join your Board of Realtors Assoc. • Attend Realtor gatherings to network • Sponsor classes for their new agents • Request if lock box access is a possibility • Request Excel list of agents, brokers’ e-mails

  9. Promote:with Web Library Tools • Over 50 flyers ready to be personalized for print or e-mail to promote all of your services • Over 30 letters agents, banker, commercial brokers, auctioneers, attorneys, FSBO and more. • Coupons and certificates ready to personalize for print, e-mail or your Web site

  10. Promote:Web Library Monthly Newsletter “The Inspector” • Personalized and ready to e-mail each month • Build several e-mail distribution listsin Outlook: • A list for each Real Estate Office (agents & brokers) • A list for past customers • A list for commercial clients

  11. Promote: with Web Library Flyers • Flyers: • Sports series • Seasonal series • Ask the Inspector (series of articles) • Prelisting • Commercial • Add on Services • Energy Inspection • Insurance Coverage • Lock box access • Fee schedule

  12. Promote: PowerPoint Presentations • 15 professional PowerPoints ready for you to personalize and present at : • Board of Realtors: new agents or C.E. credits • Real Estate Offices’ weekly sales meetings • Lunch and Learns for agents • Commercial Broker Meetings • Banks with first time buyers

  13. Promote:1st Time Home Buying Seminars • Flyer to promote seminar • Sign up sheet • Poster for agent/banker • 101 PowerPoint • Tools

  14. Promote:Prelisting Inspections • Flyer explaining to agent our lead capture • Link your prelisting report to your Web site • Flyer for agent to promote home • Yard sign directing to your Web site

  15. Promote: with Brochures • Personalize all brochures on the back • Can overprint with a laser printer • Clear return address labels also work well • Put a brochure stand in each office • Sold whole sale here and shipped • Call Connie/Dee for NPI, Call Debbie for GPI

  16. Promote: with Cards & Notes * We sell cards here • Build relationships by sending agents and customers handwritten notes in cards for: • Open house follow-up • Thank you • Congratulations • Birthday

  17. Promote:with NPI/GPI Marketing Folders NPI/GPI Marketing Folders: Fee schedule, coupon, business cards, sample report, always have ready and in your vehicle Hand out to agents Drop off at real estate offices Take into Open House Show to friends/family

  18. Promote:with 5 Personalized Items • Pens(some cheap, some fancy) • Notepads(agent’s favorite) • Image labels(bottles, bags) • Photobusiness cards • $1tape measures

  19. Promote:with Theme Baskets • Seasonal baskets for real estate office’s front desk

  20. Promote:with Chocolate Houses • Agents rave about chocolate promotions!

  21. Promote: to banks • Step-by-Step “Marketing to Banks” Guide available in Web Library • Letters to Banksto attain commercial draw and residential draws (available in Web Library) • Commercial Brochure to hand out to commercial lenders to get draws and inspections

  22. Promote:At Golf Tournaments • Franchisees’ tips on how to sponsor a Realtor golf event for success • Order NPI/GPI golf balls & towels

  23. Promote:At the Inspection • Bring a small cooler for water and pretzels • Bring fold up chairs for vacant houses • Smile, try to relax the tension Agents love great customer service!

  24. Promote:At Realtor Expos • Drawings, cookies, chocolate fountains, etc., the “cool” tools displayed with sample reports all attract agents to your table • NPI/GPI Displays (available to rent & buy) • Be outgoing & FUN! • More Expo tips on Web Library

  25. Promote:At Open Houses • “NPI Open House Survival Kit”.(doughnut box: treats, mints, water bottle. • Bring marketing folder (sample report, etc.) • Listing open houses for agents only to tour new listings. Ask permission ahead of time if you can sponsor!

  26. Promote:On the Road • NPI/GPI Logo – (vectorized logo in Web Library) • Phone # - Web site(might add Residential & Commercial) • Keep the truck clean!

  27. Promote:In Print • Examples/ideas in your marketing library • Experience has shown that radio, T.V. and Realtor Magazines do not work well for inspectors, Save your $$$! • Douse Coupons for print ads

  28. Promote:on your Web site site E-mail Kim a web wish list Add Reach Reviews Add a coupon for leads List your add on services

  29. Grow your business • Employees: Details on Web: salaries, non-compete, insurance, training, interviewing, etc. • NPI/GPI neighbors: Reach out for a perfect networking opportunity and friend • Build with intent to sell: track your $, promos, contacts, tracking info in library • Offer and promote add on services: list of different services is in Web library

  30. NPI/GPI Annual Meeting is a MUST!!! • Ideas and motivation to grow your business! • Continuing education • Eat, drink and network with top producers!