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  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Authority to Purchase Page 1 – 4 • Identifying Requirements Page 5 • Quote and Bid Thresholds Page 6 • Rules for Bid Thresholds Page 7 • Creating Quotes, Bids and Proposals Page 8 • Exemptions from the Bidding Process Page 9 • Starting the Requisition Process Page 10 (Note: Change Order Process) • Logon Screen Reviews Page 11 • Beginning your Requisition Page 12

  3. TABLE OF CONTENTSCONTINUED • Required Fields on Requisition Page 13 • Initiator Lookup Screen Page 14 • Vendor Lookup Page 15 – 16 • Central Receiving Page 17 – 19 • Approvals Lookup Page 20 – 25 • Accounts Payable (AP) Type Page 26 • Requisition review Page 27 • Inserting Line Items Page 28 – 30 • Inserting Line Item Descriptions Page 31 – 38

  4. TABLE OF CONTENTSCONTINUED • Requisition Printed Comments Page 39 – 40 • Requisition Printed Comments Example Page 41 • Requisition Printed Comments Page 42 • Requisition Comments Page 43 • Requisition Done Page 44 – 45 • Retrieving your Requisition Number Page 46 • Requisition Inquiry Screen Page 47 – 51 • Purchase Order Inquiry Screen Page 52 - 54 • Requisition Inquiry Screen Page 55 • Requisition Register Page 56 – 64 • Check Request Vs Requisitions Page 63

  5. AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE • Per adopted College rules, the College’s District Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing ALL materials, supplies and equipment and/or services. • Exceptions to this policy have been specifically delegated in some instances to expedite purchases or for the efficient purchase of small dollar Items. These exceptions include petty cash and credit card purchases, library materials and agreements for services. 1

  6. AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE • Departments may not order goods or services without the issuance of a valid purchase order unless they have been issued a Purchasing Card (P-Card Visa) authorized by their Dean and Campus President. Departments are not to pledge College resources or to order in advance with the promise of a purchase order to follow. • Committing the College to a future obligation to pay for goods or services without the benefit of a purchase order or payment by a P-Card may result in disciplinary action to the individual and a loss of Purchasing privileges to a department. 2

  7. IDENTIFYING REQUIREMENTS • What product or services do you need? • Do you know who provides the product or services you’re looking for? • What is the cost of those products and services? • How soon do you need the product or to have the service done? 3

  8. QUOTE AND BID THRESHOLDS • Requisitions under $5,000 are at the Buyers discretion to obtain the best value. • Requisitions between $5,000 and $25,000 require 3 written quotes and are to be coordinated with the Purchasing Department. • Requisitions over $25,000 require sealed bids or proposals from potential vendors. • All products and services over $25,000 must be coordinated with the Purchasing Department regardless of exempt or non-exempt status. Grant Funds are no exception. Products and services being purchased through Grant Funds still require the same quotes, bids or proposals per Florida regulation. 4

  9. RULES FOR BID THRESHOLDS • Purchases over $5,000 should not be split in to multiple requisitions to the same vendor or different vendors to avoid the quote or bid process. • Purchases over $10,000 should not be split to avoid sending it to the next appropriate approval level. 5

  10. CREATING QUOTES, BIDS AND PROPOSALS • The following are required in order to generate the quotes, bids or proposals. 1. List of products required with applicable part numbers. 2. Specifications on the products or services required. • The Purchasing department will assist you in crafting bid specifications or statements of work to ensure that your department receives the products or services required at the best value for the college. 6

  11. ITEMS GENERALLY EXEMPT FROM THE BIDDING PROCESS ITEMS ON: • State contracts for products or services. • City and County contracts. • University, College and School Board contracts. • General Services Administration (GSA) contracts or bid awards of other agencies resulting from competitive bids. • Technology - computers, peripherals, hardware and software. • However, departments still must coordinate in advance with Purchasing. It may be determined that quotes, bids or proposals are needed even if an item is exempt. 7

  12. STARTING THE REQUISITION PROCESS • Logon to Datatel. • Click on APP at the top of the screen and change to CF if it’s not already there. • Click on PU – Purchasing. • Click on REQ – Requisitions then click on REQM – Requisition Maintenance. • Note: Increase and decreases to outstanding purchase orders require Purchasing to do a “Change Order”. The increases require a requisition be created and approved at which time the Purchasing Department will go in and make the increase to the PO and delete the requisition. The PO is printed and mailed to the vendor. Decreases require only a memo from the department requesting a decrease. Once completed the PO will be printed and mailed to the vendor. 8


  14. BEGINNING YOUR REQUISITION • To begin a new requisition enter “A” to add. If you are working with an existing requisition, enter the requisition #. • In the next screen, simply click OK. This will assign the requisition number automatically. 10

  15. REQUIRED FIELDS ON REQ. • Requisition date - Date automatically added. • Initiator – Type in your user ID or last name. If you use your login ID, it will simply populate the field with your name, if not, go to next page. 11

  16. INITIATOR LOOKUP SCREEN • Enter the number to the left of the name in the Controller Lookup Resolution box. • When the number is entered click Save Box. 12

  17. VENDOR LOOKUP • To lookup a vendor, you need only to type a portion of the name or all of it in the Vendor ID box. • In this example I typed “Fisher Sci;” these were the vendors that were listed. Use the scroll bar to see additional vendors. 13

  18. VENDOR LOOKUP • If the vendor address does not match your address, simply Detail on the address line to see more addresses for that vendor. • If you cannot find the vendor in the vendor database, you can manually type it in starting with the Name box. Please input the data in the correct fields. • New vendors must complete a vendor registration and W-9 form before a purchase order can be issued to them. They can find these online at Purchasing’s web address: or they can contact the Purchasing Department for a vendor registration and W-9 forms. 14

  19. CENTRAL RECEIVING • All products being shipped to the College must go through Central Receiving except for the following: A. Products that are being installed by the vendor. B. Office products that are ordered from your Blanket Purchase Orders. C. Emergency items that impact the safety of the students and staff. • Duplication of Orders - We occasionally get duplications on orders. This is due to staff members placing the order before or after the PO has been issued. The vendor receives the PO and also fills the order placed over the phone by the staff member. Departments should not order items. Items are ordered via the purchase order being issued by the Purchasing Department. If you want to know about your order status, please contact Purchasing Staff, who will follow up with the vendor. If you place an order over the phone, you must give the vendor the PO number, with a warning not to duplicate the order upon receipt of the hardcopy PO. 15

  20. CENTRAL RECEIVING CONTINUED • DO NOT CHANGE THE DELIVERY ADDRESS BY PHONE FROM CENTRAL RECEIVING TO YOUR OFFICE. This causes a delay in the payment process to vendors and creates unnecessary paper work for your office and Accounts Payable. Goods ordered on a Purchase Order that starts with the letter P must be shipped to Central Receiving. 16

  21. CENTRAL RECEIVING CONTINUED • In the event the Ship To must be your address you can input “SA” (See Above Text for Delivery) in the Ship To box or enter a “…” to do a lookup to see if your address is listed. • If your address in not listed use the “SA” (See Above Text for Delivery) for your delivery address. Your name and address must be typed into the Printed Comments box on the requisition. This will be covered later in the training. Enter your selection and click Save. 17

  22. APPROVALS LOOKUP • All requisitions must be approved by a Budget Officer for your department. Other approvals are required if the requisition amount exceeds your supervisor’s approval authority. • Managers, Deans, Directors and Officers have approval authority up to $10,000. • Campus Presidents and Vice Presidents have authority up to $25,000. • The College President must approve all requisitions over $25,000. 18

  23. APPROVAL LOOKUP CONTINUED • Grants, Student Government Association (SGA), Unexpended Plant and Lab Fee Funds must be approved by the following personnel: A. Grants – Fund codes 21, 24 and 26 by Jana Irvine. B. SGA – Fund code 23 by Teshia Minnifield. C. Lab Fees - Funds 14 by Rhonesia Dennard D. Unexpended Plant Funds - 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, and 77 by Sandra Colon and David Cabeceiras 19

  24. APPROVAL LOOKUP CONTINUED • To put your Budget Officers on the Next Approvers’ list, click on the Detail Icon to the right of the Approval Box. 20

  25. APPROVAL LOOKUP CONTINUED • The left side of this screen will list the Budget Officers that have approved the requisition. • The Right side is where you will input your Budget Officer. You can type in your Budget Officer’s Datatel Login ID or do a “…” to lookup your Budget Officer. 21

  26. APPROVAL LOOKUP CONTINUED • Enter the number to the left of your Budget Officer into the Controller Lookup Resolution and Click Save button. 22

  27. APPROVAL LOOKUP CONTINUED • Continue this process until you have all of the appropriate Budget Officers listed per the requirements previously laid out for requisition approval. • Once all names are entered click the “Save” button. You will then get a pop up with these choices; “Update” “Cancel” and “Return”. Click on “Update”. This will return you to the main requisition screen. • If you input the Budget Officer on the left side of the screen it should come back and ask for a password. If it does not and puts the Budget Officer in the approval box the Budget Officer has not set up his/her Password and must do so right away. For instructions on setting Budget Officers’ passwords see Budget Officer requisition training presentation on Purchasing’s Web Site under Faculty Staff Information. 23

  28. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (AP) TYPE • The AP Type will always be the same “111” until it is changed by the Budget Office. 111 is entered in the AP Type box. You can do a “…” lookup to see the codes but “111” is the one we’re currently using. 24

  29. REQUISITION REVIEW • We have the requisition date assigned automatically. • We put our name in the Initiators Box. • We selected a vendor from the vendor file. • We set up the Ship To information. • We put our Budget Officers in the “Next Approvals” box. • We entered the AP Type which is “111”. 25

  30. INSERTING LINE ITEM • Detail into line items. 26

  31. INSERTING LINE ITEM • This is the RGIL Screen “Requisition Item List”. This screen will list all the line items you put in once you have completed inputting them. • From here you want to go to the RQIM Screen “Requisition Item Maintenance” Click the detail button. 27

  32. INSERTING LINE ITEM • When filling out this screen you must give a complete description of the product or service you which to purchase. • If you are requesting products, please give a complete description of the product with a part number for each item. • If you are requesting a service such as repair or installation of equipment, please provide a complete description of what is to be done. If you have obtained a quote for a service of less than $5,000, please provide Purchasing with a copy of the quote. 28

  33. Incorrect Description A. Food B. Payment to Bill Bird for services Correct description A. Blanket Purchase Order for catering of SGA Welcome Back event to be held on 9/1/06. B . Agreement for Services to pay Bill Bird to develop course curriculum for driver education program per agreement AS-05-097 INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS 29

  34. Incorrect Description C. Skil Saw D. Printer repair. E. Quote 184596 Correct description C. Skil Saw – Part Number SS17583 15amp 240 volt. D. Blanket Purchase Order to repair HP 1200N printer. Note: If work has been completed please indicate on the requisition. E. Blanket Purchase Order to install A/V equipment per attached quote 184596 dated 8/26/06 INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS 30

  35. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Click detail button on description to open description screen to full size. • This screen will open and allow you to see your whole text. 31

  36. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Once you have entered your text click the save button at the top of the screen. • Click the “Update” button and it will take you back to the RQIM Screen. 32

  37. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Input estimated Price. • Input quantity. • Input Unit of Measure if Applicable. • Input GL Account Code and hit “return”. It will automatically put the quantity into the Quantity Box, then hit “enter” again. • Note: GL account numbers must be appropriate for product or services being ordered. Incorrect GL’s will hold up the purchasing process causing a delay in the process. 33

  38. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Click the save Button. • Click Update. 34

  39. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Note: The screen has refreshed for another line item to be entered. If you have one, enter it. If not simply Click the exit icon. Then Click “Update” which will take you back to the RGIL Screen. 35

  40. INSERTING LINE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS • Note you now have 1 item listed. This will list all the line items you put in. You are now ready to exit. Click the “save” Button and the “Update” Button as shown previously. 36

  41. PRINTED COMMENTS • The Printed Comments box is used to instruct the Warehouse and the Vendors on where to deliver the product. It also provides contact information for the vendor in the event of a service call or equipment installation. • To detail into this screen simply click the “detail” button. 37

  42. PRINTED COMMENTS • Two purposes of the Printed Comments Section: 1. Information so the warehouse can deliver it to you. 2. Information so the vendor can deliver it to you, or contact information so they can provide the service or installation. 38

  43. PRINTED COMMENTS EXAMPLE • Warehouse Info: Terry Fryman District Office 6th Floor Room 618 Ext 7130 • Vendor Info: Terry Fryman District Office 39 Columbia Dr. 6th Floor Room 618 Tampa, Fl. 33606 813-253-7130 39

  44. PRINTED COMMENTS • Once you have the correct information in the printed comments box, click “Update” to return to the main screen. 40

  45. COMMENTS • The comments box is used mainly by Purchasing for reports. You can put information in that box for the approval process but it will be deleted once the PO is issued. • This requires the same process as the Printed comments; detail in, put in your information, click “save” Icon and then click “Update”. 41

  46. REQUISITION DONE • Once all of the information is in the only thing remaining is to change the Requisition Done box from “No” to “Yes”. If you are missing information that is required on the requisition it will let you know and will not allow you to change the requisition to “Yes”, General Ledger (GL) Accounts is one of those fields. If you are missing a GL Account the system will not allow you to complete the requisition and will keep it in an “In Progress” status. 42

  47. REQUISITION DONE • Click the save button. • Click the Update Button. 43

  48. RETRIEVING YOUR REQUISITION NUMBER • After you have clicked “Update”, a box with your requisition number will appear. This box will appear whether the requisition is complete or not. In any case, you have the number to track it and to bring it back up if it’s incomplete. • Click the Ok button and the requisition maintenance screen will refresh so you may enter your next requisition. 44

  49. Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ 45

  50. Requisition Inquiry ScreenRINQ • This screen is used to check the status of your requisition. This screen will indicate the status of the requisition in the purchasing process and will give you the PO number if one has been assigned. It will also show who has approved the requisition. 46