cartoon revision for b1 exam n.
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  1. CARTOON REVISION FOR B1 EXAM There are 11 pictures stuck up in the corridor – can you find all 11 and answer the questions with appropriate levels of detail? Achievement points for those who do it fastest!

  2. If Nemo dies what will happen to the carbon that makes up his body? Can you draw a pyramid of biomass for one food chain in this web and explain why energy is lost at each level? 1

  3. Why do Homer and Abe look similar but not the same? What is the word scientists use to describe the differences between people, animals or plants? Clue: begins with v. 2 Marge and Jacqueline have similar hair. Which similarity is inherited and which is environmental? Who are the twins in this family tree and why are they identical?

  4. 3 Mickey loves Minnie very much! So much he gives her chocolates everyday! What problems could this cause Minnie in later life?

  5. Describe in detail what will happen if Cartman’s blow torch touches his fingers (think nervous system) 4

  6. Road runners used to have shorter legs why do you think the current generations have longer legs? Explain as fully as you can. 5

  7. Nobody ever dies in cartoons but what if you are the first? I am going to help clone you, I just need to know how….. 6 Papa Smurf is the oldest and wisest of the Smurfs.

  8. No GaGa, I wasn’t born this way, I was bitten by a genetically engineered spider! What does that even mean? 7

  9. Why will Kenny’s body not be there in a year’s time? (and the answer is not that he will be resurrected for the next episode!) 8

  10. SpongeBob has an adaptation which allows him to live in pure water rather than salt water. He moves to a river near some factories – what 2 methods could he and his friends from above the water use to decide where to live, so pollution will not affect them? Oil spills and pollution, I hate them both! 9

  11. Hello Kitty was vaccinated against swine flu – explain in detail why she does not need to wear the mask. 10

  12. Describe and explain the adaptations of anyone of the above characters 11