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Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Presentations

Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Presentations

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Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Presentations

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  1. Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Presentations

  2. Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Simon Williams Assistant Director The Patients’ Association

  3. Better Hospital Food Summits 2001 Paul Cryer Business Manager Food Programme

  4. The NHS Plan The Plan exists because patients said they wanted a more modern and responsive NHS. They wanted the basic things to be right

  5. The NHS Plan Key Issues in the Plan • Investment • Modernisation • Consumerism • Patient Surveys Service Re-Design

  6. The NHS PlanChapter 16 • To secure year-on-year improvements in patient satisfaction including standards of cleanliness and food as measured by independently audited surveys • Also included in NHS Planning Guidelines for 2001/02

  7. Better Hospital FoodThe NHS PlanChapter 4 • NHS Menu • 24 Hour Catering Service • Housekeeper Programme • Franchising

  8. Better Hospital FoodImplementation Support Pack • Recipe Book • The specimen NHS Menu • Patients Comments and Suggestions Form • Some Best Practice ideas

  9. Better Hospital FoodFixed Points • 24 Hour Catering Service • Main Meal • Menu Design • Acceptable Menu Standards • Use of Snack Box • Leading Chefs Dishes • Nutritional Outcomes

  10. 24 Hour Catering Service • The Ward Kitchen Service • The Snack Box • The Light Bite

  11. The NHS MenuAcceptable Menu Standards • Breakfast (Cereals & Toast Type) • Light Lunch • Two Course Dinner • Snacks Twice Per Day

  12. Better Hospital FoodDesign of the NHS Menu NHS Menu Group • National Dish Selector • National Specimen Menu • Nutritional Standards & Analysis NHS Patient Food Group Loyd Grossman and Leading Chefs • 43 Leading Chef Dishes

  13. Oldham Bedford Dorset County Frimley Park Bradford Chesterfield South Cleveland Bassetlaw Stafford General Northampton Charing Cross Better Hospital FoodLeading Chef DishesPilot Sites

  14. Better Hospital FoodManufacturer Pilots • Alpha Catering • Brake Bros. • Delta Catering • Anglia Crown • Tillery Valley Foods • Apetito • The Royal London CPU • South Tyneside Hospital CPU

  15. Better Hospital FoodSupply Side Issues NHS Estates working with The Purchase and Supply Authority on - • Snack Box Supply • Raw Ingredient Specifications • Snack Box content stock lines • OJEC Advertisement + Interim Delivered Meals Arrangements

  16. Better Hospital FoodImplementation • The Ward Kitchen Service - by December 2001 • The Snack Box - by December 2001 • Light Bite - as soon as possible - but would benefit from support of Housekeeper programme • The NHS Menu - by Dec 2001

  17. Better Hospital FoodSupport Programme 2001/02 • • Further work with Leading Chefs to at least double the number of dishes • Review of menu ingredients specifications • Performance management guidelines • Best Practice Reviews from Demonstration Sites

  18. Better Hospital FoodDemonstration Hospitals • Royal Devon & Exeter • Leicester Royal Infirmary • Birmingham Heartlands • Royal Sussex County • Newcastle Freeman • Guys & St Thomas’s • Luton & Dunstable • Royal Preston Hospital

  19. Better Hospital FoodSupport Programme 2001/02 Best Practice reviews with a focus on the special needs of patients - • Community • Mental health • Learning disabilities • Secure environments • Paediatric • Maternity

  20. Better Hospital FoodSupport Programme 2001/ • Recipes and Method Statements • Nutritional Analysis • Raw Ingredient Specification • Costing Module • +500 Meal Presentation Photographs • 2500 hits, 4000 recipes downloaded and +200 people registered (interactive from 3rd June)

  21. 24 Hour Access NHS Menu Staff/User Complaints Waste Wards with Housekeeper Net Cost of Meal/Day Nutritional Outcomes Customer Care Programmes Generic Working Staff Training Possible Performance Measures

  22. Better Hospital FoodFuture Considerations • Menu Content & Mix • Food Production & Meals Procurement Options • Logistics • Staff Training and Development • Regeneration • Meals Service Systems and Skill Sets • Patient Feedback Systems

  23. Better Hospital FoodNext Steps • Chief Executive letter • Further guidance at • Trust Action Plans - to be completed by end June • Publish outcomes from Demonstration Sites • NHS Estates working locally with Trusts to promote and support Best Practice solutions


  25. People First • Clinical care ever more specialised • Length of stay continues to fall • Increasing use of technology …need to rediscover the patient

  26. Neil Marsden Bill Lyons Stan Messenbird David Poole Douglas Dale Rose Vandepeer Sylvia Whitrod Mohammed Riyami Hilary Rowbottom Duncan Shepherd Maggie Bevan Roger Goss Jenny Henderson Ian Semmons Patients’ Food GroupMembership

  27. Involvement to Date • Meet monthly (since July 2000) • NHS Menu content, design and structure • Tasting sessions at hospitals and Westminster College • Housekeeper seminars • Housekeeper practice visits • Housekeeper Good Practice Guide

  28. Blimey, the things they say... Myth • Patients don’t understand about healthcare Reality • They understand about receiving healthcare

  29. Blimey, the things they say... Myth • Patients can only give a personal view Reality • The personal view is exactly what we need

  30. Blimey, the things they say... Myth • They’ll just use it as an excuse to moan Reality • Constructive complaints help us examine our assumptions

  31. Blimey, the things they say... Myth • Patients are difficult and unruly Reality • Patients are only people

  32. Blimey, the things they say... Myth • We are all potential patients so we can all give the patients’ view Reality • People inside the system see things differently from those outside it

  33. What Patients Say... • For two days the meals I ordered didn’t arrive • The showers and toilets have not been working for three days on Ward 15 • It took that long to find the ward I could’ve died • Tea and coffee looked the same, far too strong. Had to smell it to tell the difference

  34. What Patients Say... • Poor quality drinks and the water jugs were dirty • Liquid soap did not work and was not replaced after request • I was cold - the windows wouldn’t shut • The staff’s faces were so miserable that I feel no patient could ask for anything

  35. Time for a Change Messages from the consultation: • A service fit for the 21st Century • Value the NHS • Bring back Matron • Patient centred services • An environment of Care

  36. NHS Plan Chapter 4 (4.17) “…half of all hospitals will have new ‘ward housekeepers’ in place by 2004 to ensure that the quality, presentation and quantity of meals meets patients’ needs; that patients, particularly elderly people, are able to eat the meals on offer; and that the service patients receive is genuinely round the clock….”

  37. Getting the Basics Right • patients feel warm, safe and cared for; • patients’ individual needs are met; • hospital wards are clean; • food is enjoyable (and enjoyed); • equipment works.

  38. Getting the Basics Right • Ward sisters/charge nurses will manage the ward environment • Ward housekeepers must be ward-based and part of the ward team • Ward housekeepers must be multi-skilled and flexible

  39. Getting the Basics Right • Patients must be involved • There must be commitment from the top • A system of continuous quality improvement must be in place. • Appropriate training and development must be provided

  40. Matron Ward Ward Ward Service Manager

  41. Actions to Date • Steering Group • Patient Group • Regional Workshops • Career Structure • Good Practice Visits

  42. Next Steps • Good Practice Guide to be published • Regional Workshops • Development of service in Mental Health • Work on career and development opportunities • Monitor progress against NHS Plan targets

  43. What Patients Say... • I found the staff excellent - friendly, very kind and loving people to have around you • I was happy with my stay but only due to the helpfulness of staff • A hospital to be proud of. Apart from needing an operation I would gladly come again • Like a first class hotel with no bill at the end

  44. What Patients Say... • The food was not “home cooking”, but it was attractively presented and no-one need go hungry • The staff were very, very good and could not have done more for everyone • I was greeted on arrival like an old friend • At 86 years old I was very proud to see such good work done

  45. Better Hospital FoodStrategies For ImplementationHospital Caterers Association

  46. Better Hospital FoodKey Issues • Designed by NHS catering managers, dieticians and nurses - The NHS Menu Group • Sets a national acceptable standard for catering services - on which to build for the future • Raises the profile for catering services - both in the Trust and with patients • Provides a Benchmark for year on year service improvements • Needs to accommodate the full range of patients - one size will not fit all - Specials Groups

  47. Better Hospital Food“Must Do’s” • Implement the 24hr service • Move the main meal to the evening • Implement the Menu design • Use the Snack Box • Adopt and exceed acceptable content of menus • Implement leading chefs dishes • Achieve nutritional outcomes

  48. Better Hospital Food24 Hour Catering Service Development programme Pilot Sites Feedback Develop Local Operational Policies • Staffing • Ordering systems • Security • Continuously review systems • Respond to Feedback

  49. Better Hospital FoodMoving The Main Meal Considerations • Catering staffing • Ward routines and activities • Getting nurse support • Applicability to certain patient groups

  50. Better Hospital FoodMenu Design • A Menu for each patient • Laminated easy to clean cover • Provides a corporate identity for catering services • Sets out what patients can expect • Meals ordering systems remain separate • Trusts own menu slotted into the design • Design layout can be downloaded from the web site