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“Simulation Systems” LTD

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“Simulation Systems” LTD

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“Simulation Systems” LTD

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  1. Scientific-Research and Methodology Center “Simulation Systems” LTD SSL DYNCO LAB SYSTEMThe software for the laboratory tasks on the course"Physics of Nuclear Reactors"

  2. Appointment of an educational complex • Research the neutron-physical and thermo-hydraulic features of the reactor facilities • Oriented to carry out practical training in the frames of educational programs of universities in the field of reactor physics and nuclear technology of NPP • Teaching students basic knowledge in physics and reactor dynamics • Practical skills of planning and execution of tasks • Tools for research Text in here Text in here Text in here DYNCO LAB

  3. DYNCO LAB SYSTEM features Quality of simulation Integrability in education Originality

  4. Quality of simulation • Developed on the basis of three-dimensional diffusion code DYNCO • Calculation of steady state and transient operating conditions • Neutronicand thermohydrauliccalculations • Special algorithm for correction of cuspingeffect • Stationary and dynamic modes of calculation based on the actual fuel loads and core design

  5. Integrability in education • Designed for bachelors, masters and researchers • User-friendly interface • Incorporated into training already on junior courses • Delivery with a set of laboratory tasks • The possibility of developing a new tasks • Presentation of the results in graphs

  6. Originality • High accuracy of calculations • Calculations in real-time • Possibility to accelerate calculation • Models of reactor core: VVER-1000 or/and PWR-1000/BWR-1000 • Every model allows to execute static and dynamic calculations • 100% ready for use in high schools • no analogues

  7. The main parameters of the calculation • relative neutron and thermal power in the calculation cells • heating of the coolant through the cells 2D DYNCO LAB • temperatures of the fuel coolant and cladding • thermal power • neutron fluxes in the two groups • concentration of Xe and Sm • pressure • boric acid concentration Common 3D • integral reactivity • residual heat • effective multiplication factor

  8. Models • based on the code for reactor simulators DYNCO • each model allows static and dynamic calculations • real-time and faster • based on feedback data for each type of reactor • set of libraries of constants VVER-1000 PWR-1000 BWR-1000 • 1 nodal point in the horizontal plane of FA • 13 nodal points by the height of FA • 2 energy groups of neutrons • 6 groups of delayedneutrons

  9. Complex control system • Start of the supplied initial states • Preparation of new initial states • Possibility stop and re-start with the state of "pause“ • Ability to view all fragments and graphs of practical task • Ability to record any intermediate states, so-called “snapshots", and restart any of them • The ability to output the pre-defined dynamic parameters in graphical form on the screen and print DYNCO LAB

  10. Content of the basic practical tasks • Determination of the critical position of the control rods group • Determination of the critical concentration of the boric acid • Measurement of reactivity by the asymptotic period method • Determination of the rod effectiveness by the overcompensation method • Construction of relative integral characteristic of absorbing rods group • Construction of relative differential characteristic of absorbing rods group • Determination of the control rod efficiency by the rod-drop method • Xenon poisoning • Samarium poisoning VVER-1000 or PWR-1000

  11. Structure of each task • Study goals and objectives • Basic theoretical positions • One basic variant for the training task • Instruction for trainee to launch a task • Step by step instruction for trainee to fulfill this task • Requirements for registration of the deliverables • Approximate form of the laboratory log • Control questions • Criterion for the success of the task execution • Calculation results for the task basic variant • Video file with example of the task execution. Text in here Text in here Text in here Text in here

  12. Example of interface Control rod choice frame Choice of lab work frame

  13. Example of interface 3D parameters viewing frame Graph view frame

  14. Video-example 1 A video example of the task exercises is available for download at: Example Duration 15 minutes File size– 70 MB lick to add title in here

  15. Terms of delivery Time of delivery – 1-2 months Installation Training of instructors Warranty and service

  16. Scientific-Research and Methodology Center “Simulation Systems” LTD Thank You!